UniGeezer MUni

I’ve decided to sell my etxra MUni. It has the exact same, awesome wheel setup at my main MUni. Surly Large marge rim, Nimbus/Isis hub, 14g black spokes, KH moment cranks, and 24x3 Intense DH tire. All in virtually unused condition, except the cranks and pedals have been used a bit, and show a few scratches. The wheel build alone cost close to $400, not including the cranks and tire.

The Nimbus 24" Muni frame is pristine, and in original orange. Also new is the KH seat post and Fusion Freeride saddle is near new. I’m not interested in a trade or parting out. Shipping anywhere in US at actual shipping rate, so no extra “handling” charges. I’m selling it for $425, which is a bargain, especially with the LM wheel build! Once you ride it you will never go back to a narrower rim!



How wide the LM rim?

Very nice uni!

Too bad my budget is $350 max. :frowning:

65mm. Hands down the most awesome MUni rim there is! I would never go back to a skinny 48mm!

You’re not that far off. Try borrowing the rest. It’ll be more than worth it in the long run!

Niice ride… would be close to biting if I weren’t trying to save for a 36 inch “fixie chaser”… Let me know if you have any leads on a 36’er k? Best bites to you for this awesome Muni.

I think this is the first time I wished I lived in the US…

PM sent.