Unigeezer moonlighting in Formula 1 - shock,horror!

From - http://www.watoday.com.au/sport/australian-grand-prix/hamilton-in-hot-water-after-burnout-20100326-r381.html

Over at the paddock, a red-suited juggler called Terry handed his unicycle to a well-lubricated bloke who tried and failed to ride it. Tough crowd, Terry?

‘‘No, it’s a good crowd. A high-spirited crowd,’’ he said. ‘‘They tell me, ‘We’ve paid a fortune to be here,’ and I say, ‘That’s funny, I’m being paid a fortune to be here. It must all go to me.’’’

Come all Terry - be honest - you’re getting too many new jobs:D

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue: Well, my piano tuning business has been really slow, so I needed to find some other work to make money! (I had to pay my own way to Australia though, but I got a life-time supply of “Super patch kits!” :wink:

If he’s red-suited then it must be Ferrari…
you have first Ferrari Uni?