UniGeezer: "Mixed Trials"

I had lots of fun making this one, and I hope you enjoy! I’m also happy to announce my newest sponsor, Chumba Racing. They’re a high-end specialty MTB company. I was invited to see the factory yesterday and took a tour, and got some really cool swag, including two t-shirts and an awesome racing jersey! :smiley:

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Dang, how low is your psi in your 24"? It looked like you were going to get a flat when you were pecking up that hill.

It looked low, but it really wasn’t. That section is uber-steep and there’s a lot of tire compression while pecking my way up, and the traction is really excellent with that tire btw!

Here are some pics of what my new sponsor gave me yesterday while I was at his factory. really cool guy and he has a state-of-the-art powder coating machine, and he said I am welcome to bring my unis in anytime for P coating! plus they have a separate big room for taking professional photos for various mtb magazines, and I could use that facility also, so it’s all pretty cool! :sunglasses: :D:)



your yard is just too much fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s kind of funny that you were bad mouthing mountain biking earlier (saying it’s not hardcore, you’ve never tried it and never want to try it, etc.) and then you get yourself sponsored by an mtb company.

{sorry for any misquotes}

You built stairs just for riding on?
What are you using for editing now?
Your coker trials are crazy. You’re voiding your warrantee all to hell and back.
I like the coker turning into 24 and then 20 on the stairs. But did you make it to the top on coker yet? Thats gotta be scarey.

Another great video Terry. Kinda jealous that you have a trials course in your backyard. Your trials skills are coming on well !!

You are real good! Can you make more films? :smiley:

Nice dude! :wink:

Always fun to watch you do your thang Terry. right goodie there. continue with extreme vigilance!!!

Yeah at least now I have a reason to even go back there! It was kinda going to waste. :o

Yeah haha, but I was really kidding about that, as I said in a later post. I just failed to use a winky, lol. But I ride with and chat with mtbers all the time on the trails we have mutual respect for our sports. :slight_smile:

Not on the 36er. You’re right about it being scary, and dismounting or falling from the top of the stairs on a 36er could be really bad! I built my stair set with really short runs, so it’s super easy to accidentally “clip” each step hopping up; that can throw you off balance and so it’s very tricky on the big wheel, and also the steps are quite narrow so I just don’t feel very confident on them.

Thanks! I’m trying but father time is having his say about it as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, yeah I’ll keep making them until I get it right! :smiley:


Thanks Sean! :slight_smile:

I love your trials course!
Btw, nice riding and congrats with the sponsorship. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff!

I liked the heart-stopping, death-defying rampage down that steep hill. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, yeah I need to add more stuff to it and I still have more than half my yard left haha. I’ll have to probably tear up part of my lawn, but oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was short & steep but you can’t really tell on the video. I would love to find something as steep that goes on for miles! That might be fun. :smiley:

Narrow steps are fun… I like the precission of hopping narrow steps.
Usually its something like a fountain.
But if you fall, they’re not good to land on.

That’s a small sacrifice.

Haha yeah well I’d rather fall in the fountain than on the hard concrete! Or in the case below, into the pond! Bearings were toast after that btw. That water was stagnant and probably toxic! (I made quite a splash, but jumped out and did it two more times until I landed it on the lower rock I seem to be pointing at, on my way into the drink!) :o

Yeah and I still have the other side of the yard by the shed that is concreted; it’s where I had my trials stuff originally, then I moved it to the other side after I threw away my patio set. I think I might go with some standard but high quality pallets and one or two of those big wooden cable spool thingees. :smiley:


Hmm, I made this little clip of just the stair drop, and noticed that the whole structure springs back as I lean into the drop and push off. You see this in the side view at the beginning. I was surprised because I thought it to be very sturdy, and it’s quite heavy and well seated at all points.

I wonder if it could collapse or is this is just normal, kind of like; “for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction”. :o

(Btw, how do you imbed a vimeo video? It works automatically with youtube, but not vimeo, but I see them imbedded here all the time)

Nice riding Terry! Really enjoyed your vidy.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile: