UniGeezer: "It's all 'downhill' from here!"

First time riding at Chumash trail in Simi Valley. Very technical in spots, and steep. Managed a few good drops, seen at the end of the video. (the loud “pop” or shot heard at the very end…not sure what that was!)

Also some funny hiker/biker comments–one guy used an “NC-17” adjective in his excitement, lol! Then some bails-after the creds. Would really appreciate your comments! :slight_smile:

(Shot with my Canon HV30 so it’s excellent quality!)

Cool, I like the vid, music and the quote:)

Good thing that bush stopped your fall on the last bail. Very entertaining us usual.

Some of those rocky sections looked quite gnarly !!! Rocky sections like that scare me a little just because I know that if I bail and hit the ground it’s going to hurt. Self-preservation instincts kick in :slight_smile: Nice riding, enjoyed watching.

I liked drops! 5/5 stars :slight_smile:

The bails make you seem human!!! Rocky road for sure Terry … you just keep getting better but with all the riding that you do you ought to.
five stars

Hi terry great riding. Whenever i watch your videos i have to remind myself that it is like watching my Dad doing these trails (you are of a similar age)- then your commitment and skill to the sport sinks in. You have inspired me to make more vids, maybe even with a UCC? I have graduated from University and have part time work so i have more time on my hands to get out and put things together. Keep it up. Always enjoy the riding in your vids.


You really are doing some awesome riding. Starting to get really smooth man. Nice to know that some of you old geezers could keep up with the youth out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though, pretty good video, but would have liked a little bit more in there.
Its cool though, with all the videos you have its not like I ever be forced to watch the same one twice :smiley:

thats awesome nice vid i really like your vids terry

Thanks Sam, but I made a mistake; it was actually RFK, not JFK. :o

Haha yeah I almost got skewered when I landed chest-first onto a sharp tree branch, (out of frame) but luckily it was loose and not attached to a tree! I did cut my lip though it could’ve been worse. :o

Thanks, yeah I’m trying to ride those extra technical sections faster each time, but it is scary to bail on that rough stuff at high speeds! :astonished:

(I will reply to the more comments a little later…I have to get a piano ready for a customer! :slight_smile: )

so I got to 2:32 and thought the music was a bit like nightmarish elevator music, and I’m wondering how hard it is to ride on dry surfaces? So I stopped.
I await your feedback before I expend another 2 minutes to find out.

Get a chest protector?
You’ll feel a lot saver and it doesnt hurt when you fall :wink:

The Oneal Underdog for example http://picture.yatego.com/images/48ff33a5c06da7.0/underdog.jpg
I use that one and i love it.

Thanks, I like drops too! :smiley:

Thanks Sean…You look like a rock star in your “80’s” pic, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Mark…you should get your dad to start riding! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I may be older than most MUni-ers, but I’m just making up for my 40 year layoff, haha!

I really appreciate that! :slight_smile:

The music is the orignal RUSH song, “Tom Sawyer”, an all-time rock classic! I used the instrumental version so Youtube would be less likely to “mute” it, and so far they haven’t. Not sure what you meant about your other statement, but you should watch the rest; some good drops, the hiker/biker comments are funny, and then there’s some good bails at the end. :smiley:

haha, I have one, but have only used it once:


That explains it - Elevators use instrumentals, but not Rush music :slight_smile:

My comment is just observing how grippy the surfaces are.
I suppose I’ll have to watch the rest… you always save the best for last.

It’s still the exact same music (not a cover) of the song, which is the best part! I’d sure rather listen to that than just the a capella singing, lol! I sometimes prefer instrumental rock so the words won’t detract from the action, or interfere with comments. And your videos are fun to watch mostly because I like the KH parts, which are usually toward the end…so you save the best for last too! :stuck_out_tongue: I like to have a good, fun opening, a good middle and a strong ending. That’s pretty basic to all good videos, movies, stand up comedy, etc. :slight_smile:

I watched the 2nd half.
Your drops are getting big! Nice riding.
Your talking with people is always fun.

Yes I agree lyrics can be hard… song writers just dont write enough unicycle songs. Sometimes the words are meaningful and can be great too.

Thanks. I’m nursing a “whiplash-type” neck injury/pain that I’m sure is the result of that upd at the end of the video, where I fell into that bush; it thrust my head back instantly with a fair amount of force. I jumped right back up and landed the drop successfully, but like many similar injuries, the pain and stiffness doesn’t fully manifest itself until later, which it has. I’ve used ice/heat, ibuprofen and rest, and it’s better, but still hurts. But I’ll still ride-not as aggressively-today and all weekend! :smiley:

btw, I’m excited (not sure why, lol) that having just checked my youtube page, I saw that my views just hit exactly 300,000! I know that’s not much compared to some, especially the lucky one’s that get “featured”, or the “shock”, or the “cute puppy” type vids, where a single video can have millions of views. I think even my most watched uni video only has around 15,000 views, but I guess it’s not too bad for Uni vids. :o

If someone were to add up all the views for ALL the uni videos from every rider, from all online sources, the number of views would be in the multi-millions. That’s good news for our sport and explains why it’s becoming more well known and seen not just as a passtime or novelty. Of course, a large percentage of views come from Uni riders, but there are still lots of non-riders seeing them, and that’s a good thing! :slight_smile: