UniGeezer:"Iron Man"

Hey all! (Happy Mother’s day! 5/11/08)

What an EPIC ride today-my second time at “Iron Mountain” trail, near San Diego, CA! Very steep with plentyful outcroppings of jaggy type rock for about 75% of the six mile out & back trail.

I rode it solo this time and brought along a friend to film it since tripod shots kinda suck for MUni.
Anyway, he’d never been on a trail like this, let alone doing any of this type of action filming in these conditions, but still he did a fantastic job!

Some of the shots are a little shaky, but pretty darn decent considering he was either running (to keep up) from behind, to the side, or with the cam held backwards (not being able to see the shot!) as he ran ahead of me! Despite all that, he managed to get excellent tracking shots over incredibly rocky (and loose/shaly) terrain.

Oh, the title I used seemed a good fit, since there’s a little movie out now by the same name…and take a guess at the song I used! Lol! :sunglasses:

(Btw, this trail is slated to be included in CMW '08!)

Hope you enjoy the video, and your comments are appreciated!:slight_smile:

Your Iron Supplement :p: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRXAbbBEjMQ


Nice tech riding, eh?

Another great video Terry !!! You’re getting really good at MUni, some impressive stuff there. Liked the filming, gives it a nice flow and also shows how difficult some of the terrain is more so than if they had been static shots. Well done !!! :slight_smile:

Great job to Terry and his Filmer.

This is the best video I have seen from you so far in my opinion, I certainly found the riding to be enjoyable to watch and you totaly have the right idea for filming.

I would recomend though that you invest in making yourself a steadycam. Instructables has a whole bunch of tutorials on making your own and they will help out a huge amount for the shaking.

Another tip would be to invest in a wide angle lense. It will help alot because you don’t have to worry too much about getting the unicycle exactly in frame.

I still think that Jess Riegel and Dan Heaton are the best muni filmers but they are a great place to look for inspiration on a good video.

It would be cool if you made a video that was highlights of a whole bunch of trails that people havn’t seen before.

One of the reasons I don’t like your videos so much is because the whole video is usualy based on one ride. Using just prime footage from a whole bunch of rides not only makes the video better but it also shows how good of a film maker you are because you are able to seasrch through all your video and find only the best and bring it into a good length.

I will definatly be watching your next couple videos.

Nice work terry, that trail looks like a blast.

Thanks. Actually my videocam has a wide angle lens on it, which did help a lot because of the close proximity of the filmer in realtion to the rider-me.:slight_smile: As for my videos, the vast majority of my UniGeezer vids are not MUni, but rather a mix of drops off of unusual structures, stair sets, and other inland stuff all mixed together with a few comedy bits.

I make them that way because I like the variety. But yeah, this video is from one ride only, and so I tried to mix it around with the different angels, and keep it moving as much as possible, and select the best footage to show as much variety of terrain as I could. :smiley:

Thanks Johnny!:slight_smile:

Yeah I really like the trail a lot, and thanks!:slight_smile:

No doubt…it’s a great trail for tech riding! And like one of the captions read, “…Objects seen in this video are much steeper and difficult than they appear!” Lol!:stuck_out_tongue: Video cams tend to “flatten” out the terrain quite a bit, so that’s why I tried for as many angles as possible.

domestic duties done for the night mmmm I might watch a bit of geezervision ,what no posting,this must be some kind of mistake,oops my mistake there it is over in unicycling videos.Well done Terry you make it down some pretty gnarly sections,it looked like some hard work in places,good to see a few UPDs it gives us mere mortals some hope.Daniel great camera work and dedication to the job running while filming over that terrain.

Nice, I liked this video, great riding. I dont usually watch muni vids but this one was cool! I watched the whole thing too, which is unusual.

“Geezervision” Lol! Yeah without Daniel there to film it, I wouldn’t have made the video.:slight_smile:

Thanks. I tried my best to make it interesting; decent MUni vids are a challenge to make.:o

haha, it’s not that steep :wink:

I liked it, but I didn’t think the music fitted it too well, even if it was iron man with iron mountain.


And yes, unless it is on fire, this trail is definitely going to be done for the muni weekend.

Yeah np I have an extra KH MUni just hanging up in my garage not being used! It’s even got a nice fat Gazzy tire on it! :sunglasses:

Daniel and Terry nice work:D:D

The music didn’t seem to quite match the footage IMO, but pretty good.

I wissed the comments I can usually hear from the passer by’s and you need more uni on trail noise :o

Thanks. Well, music is so subjectivem and what one person likes, another won’t. I hope most people appreciate the video mostly for the riding and filming, with the music secondary to the action.

I must admit, after 4 hours of total drive time to get to and from the trail, 3+ hours there riding hard and filming, getting back home nearly 8 hours later…(breath here) and going directly into the editing process, working non-stop for another 2 hours-with no dinner-it was just a crazy, mind-numbingly intense day all around! So based on all that, I think it came out pretty darn good! :slight_smile:

Nice! My first muni is coming this week, I can’t wait.


Hi unigeezer I’m your fan!!! let me introduce my self, I am a unicycle rider I am nine years old and my name is Will (William) I am very fond of unicycling!
cheers uni98:D

Hi Will! Welcome to the forums!:slight_smile: Thanks I’m honored to have you as a fan! How long have you been riding and what kind of riding do you do? I started around your age, but then quit for about 40 years lol! I started all over again about 2006 and love it more than ever!