UniGeezer: "Hey 19"

Thought the Steely Dan song “Hey 19” was a good choice since since I only ride my 19" trials in this one. The lyrics are close to home also: “Way back when, in '67” lol! I couldn’t help mixing in a little “flashback” when those words are sung!

So then here’s a little vid of me getting “acquainted” with my new KH trials uni. It’s such a different feel from my MUni, but I’ getting more used to it. I also changed to the “proper” hand position for unispins, and it does work way better.
Oh, and sorry about the “grainy” quality of some later segments, but it was getting dark and my cam sucks at low light.:frowning:

So although this is pretty basic stuff, I’m just an old guy (way) past his prime, trying to make up for a lot of lost time! (TP) :p:):D:o

Hope you enjoy and thanks for you comments!

WOW, Looks like you got the trials uni working for you.

too cool Terry!

as I posted on youtube, love the intro fun too :slight_smile:

good one terry :wink:

nice vid!!

Thanks for the comments so far guys! I’m going to be really trying hard for a 360 unispin, but I am wondering which pic below would be the best way to hold the saddle for it, and why?

It kinda seems like the bottom pic would be the better way, so you could apply equal & opposite force to the saddle for spinning it, so I’d really like to hear from the experienced “uni-spinners” as to what you think. Thanks!:smiley:



Cool vid terry, 110 videos now! :astonished:

i do unispins like the the picture on the top.

Ok so does your top hand (nearest the front of the seat) do all or most of the spinning? When I try it that way, my lower hand kinda is just there to let go, and then catch the saddle when it comes back around.

So looking at the top pic, would you suggest that I pull with my left hand or just do most of the spinning with my top hand?

great video. No fair i can’t make any videos because my sister and her friends trashed my camera and she doesn’t have money to but my a new one. (she wouldn’t even if she did.) so i have to save up and buy a new camera.:frowning: :angry: :angry:

That’s how I hold it when I 360 Unispin, except for me, I do it the opposite since I spin it counter clockwise, not clockwise, so the photo is from your view…

I don’t know if what I just typed made any sense?


So is your back hand just kinda there to catch it or do you use it to help spin? By the way you are holding it, it doesn’t look like you could spin it much.

Terry, have you watched Sparky Markys’ vid on Uni spins?.. It’s a very well made video with hand positions and everything

I spin mine the same way. The left hand, for me, is more for just stabalizing before I do the spin.

But with just one hand holding onto the seat, I can very easily spin the uni 360, and close to a 540. And it feels really comfortable doing it too.

I spin mine like Isaac also. The right hand thumb gives it a lot of its power. Another thing is not to throw it but turn and control it by starting with 360 jump mounts. Make sure to grip it firmly afterwards. I will be back up and riding again soon and will work on getting 540s down while you do these so I can get you tips on your next spin:p Keep it up. You inspire my dad to ride more. He actually bought his own unicycle now and is getting better.

That is spot on how I throw the seat…

Terry, believe me when I tell you that this is the most efficient way (to me at least) of catching the seat without it flying away…

Pracice throwing it like that, and it will get much easier. It doesn’t seem easy at first, but it feels more natural after a while.

I use both hands to catch the seat if I can, but it’s usually my left hand that catches the seat.

Great video… Keep working on those 3spins.

The top one. Hands in the center, both thumbs griping into/over the center of your seat.

Tire grab! Finally some street. Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Terry. Looks like your enjoying the trials.

Yesh, very much! Funny thing is, I’ve had like 4 other trials unis, including 2 KH like the one I have now, but I lost interest soon after so I sold all of them, to focus primarily on extreme MUni.

This time seems different and I am actually enjoying learning new stuff that really wasn’t practical on my MUni, with a brake on it and all that. Plus I’ve come to appreciate the diversity and variety of riding different unis. So on my “must learn” agenda: 360 unispin, crank flips, side ways ww, sif high jumps, big stair sets both rolling and static, and more straight forward trials stuff.:):smiley: :sunglasses:

Thanks! I’ve got a looong way to go obviously! But I’m stubborn so I won’t give up to easily! :slight_smile: Thanks everybody for the Unispin hand position tips!