UniGeezer: "For the love of MUni"

I recently sprained my back pretty bad trying to move a customer’s piano just a couple inches from the wall. Not smart! Still hurts and is healing slow, so riding like I do probably doesn’t help it much lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

HD Version

Regular Version (HD ^ highly recommended! :slight_smile: )

So even though I couldn’t go all out for this one, I hope you enjoy the video. I also had fun making the opening scene, and the bit after the creds too. :smiley:

Its private… :frowning:

It says it’s private.

Sorry about that! ok it’s up. :slight_smile:

really nice video. i liked the ending “got 2 tired”

That tree will be scared for life!

But the skit was fun fun!

Look like amazing trails.

plus, you have purple trees. LA really has way too much pollution.

Nice vid i liked the editing :smiley: Was funny when you fell over on that hill when you tryed to get up. :astonished: <–a snake bit your tire!It must have been fast to catch you when you went past :wink:

Really great vid i love you editing and your movies :smiley:

Nice video.
Cool paying cards.
Great riding.

Ha, you did it again. Very enjoyable video.

haha I enjoyed it :roll_eyes:

HeY!!! really nice id!!! love the editing;)

Fan-Muni-Tasti-Brilliant. If any one could marry MUni … it would be you!
As always, your stuff is entertaining and technically top-notch!
always a pleasure to watch…

Thanks everybody for the nice comments! :slight_smile:

And…HAPPY (5/14/09) 51st Birthday Shug! Sorry I’m late on that…I’m getting forgetful in my old age haha! Hope you had a great B-day! :smiley:

Haha, I forgot to take off the “G” letter from my helmet after filming that, and when I was riding later I got lots of funny comments, and didn’t realize it was on there 'till later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes & no. Los Angeles vicinity still has close to the worst air quality in the country, but it was a lot worse 10 years ago, so there has been some improvement. Problem is, there has been a HUGE influx of population and MORE CARS so that doesn’t help. The “purple” part was probably an effect I used that “cycles through the entire color spectrum.”

Yeah and I had a hard time regaining my footing lol. The snake bite happened on a relatively samll drop; I just landed bad and that was it. :frowning:

Very enjoyable video as always. 1:30 looked pretty steep in the video, which means that it must have been crazy IRL. Nice to see that you managed to brake without breaking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and you should’ve saved the “Got 2 Tired” for when you’ve learned to ride a two-wheeled unicycle.

Hope that back is holding you up! Actually I hear it’s excercise that heals things quicker if handled properly. From personal experience I get the feeling that the system responds to gentle physical encouragement by healing more rapidly - all things done moderately of course :wink:

Just tell 'em you did it attempting a 10ft drop, not moving ‘furniture’ indoors :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Get well

Thanks, but what does “IRL” mean? Could it be “in real life”? If so then yes, that hill was way steeper in person lol! I had tried it a couple times without using my brake before setting up the camera, and lost control almost immediately!

My back pressuring was maxed out and I kept sliding out on the loose, top layer of dirt. Really challenging to keep things under control, even when I used the brake. :o

Thanks Mr Bond…Geoff Bond! :sunglasses: My back problems go back many years and the pain is usually very manageable, but whenever I (stupidly) try to move a piano (“Dammit Jim, I’m a piano tuner, NOT a piano mover!” :smiley:) the pain gets almost unbearable the next morning. And I’ve never moved a piano more than a few inches, either to get to the back of it for cleaning, or for tuning access.

But trying to slide a 450 pound piano even a few inches along a carpeted floor, especially when the stupid caster wheels are fused, you end up having to drag that dead weight-while LIFTING the front legs so they won’t snap off!-and it is HEAVY! Well, I’ll never do it again haha, I’ve learned my lesson…finally! :o

So I’ll continue to ice it, use heat, take motrin, ect, but it just takes its sweet time to get better. It’s just so weird that I can ride MUni or coker with no real pain at all, even when I do big drops! But like moving a piano, it usually doesn’t hurt 'till the next day. But I just CAN’T stop riding, or doing drops and stuff. Oh well, after all, I am a MUNIADDICT! :stuck_out_tongue: