UniGeezer: "Flight Line"

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Hey, That is great. I like how you can move your attention around the scene, recognize the trail and area as you present your ride video, It gives a greater depth of feel to the ride and rider. Excelent Terry.

now thats what i call no-static! Nice work terry, vid turned out really well. I just wonder if some poor cyclist not in on your filming might get decapitated on your piano wire setup :astonished:

keep them coming!

now thats what i call no-static! Nice work terry, vid turned out really well. I just wonder if some poor cyclist not in on your filming might get decapitated on your piano wire setup :astonished:

keep them coming!

Yet another great vid. This one realy took it to another level. I’m looking forward to what you will have coming out in the near future, keep up the great work. Is the camera rid a custom set up or did you buy it off the self.

I plan to answer every previous comment, asap. So for now I’ll play “catch up” with the one’s below haha. :slight_smile:

haha thanks Mark. Yeah I was worried about the line crossing traffic paths in a few shots. I got them as high as possible and I let hikers & bikers know it was there. Only a few had to actually duck, lol!

Thanks. I’m working on a new video that will include how I made it, parts used, all the costs and so on, followed by some cool new ways to use the system, and how I rig it on the trail and urban environments.

Oh, and the camera used is my tiny sony still cam, using the highest quality video setting. It’s not wide screen, but it looks pretty decent. I also like it since it’s small and easier to carry than a heavier, bulkier camcorder. It’s even higher resolution that that “gopro” camera! :smiley:

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I was pondering whether to use that shot; I wanted to make ppl guess how it was done haha.

Thanks Jerrick. Yeah the whole reason I made this particular system is so I could do the filming totally independent of any other people. The beauty of it is that I can do the setup and get all these cool shots and effects 100% on my own. And while it might be nice to have a motorized, remote controlled system with 2,000 feet of cable, (the cost and setup time would be off the scale haha!) I wanted something easy to make, transport in a backpack, and make for less than $20! And I did! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I went out yesterday to shoot a few more shots, and I’m getting more efficient with the set up. I’m learning and improvising new little things along the way to make the next video better and also ways to get the rope HIGH in the tree without climbing it! :slight_smile:

That looks really good. It would be nice if you could make it able to get round corners so it could follow longer (or less straight) routes. I’ve seen things that can slide along wires and get past anchor eyes along the way (I think they’re meant for safety lines on boats so you can walk all along the deck while remaining attached to the wire). I tried to find one online but I can’t - I think it was an entry for the Prince of Wales Innovation Award a few years ago but it looks like it didn’t catch on and disappeared into obscurity.

Anyway, an interesting effect. Don’t ride into the wire and chop yourself in half :slight_smile:


Beet me to it. looks good, makes me more excited about finishing mine. I have been making a cable camera cart but its not quite finished. Something a bit more sophistated with speed controll which I am hoping will work in following me quite acuaratly both in muni and maybe long trials lines.

Thanks Rob. Actually to go anything but a straight line would me a track or on rails. The line I use is 1/4" polypropylene rope, and has something like 1,200 lb breaking strength and very little stretch. I also will try 3/16" solid braid nylon which does stretch a bit under load–but my rig is extremely light so it should work great–is super strong, much more durable, and lighter and easier to transport than the heavier stuff I have. :slight_smile:

Cool look forward to seeing the video of it in action!

1:34 was so awesome. The filming was so great, I would love this for street lines and stuff.

Thanks yeah I liked it too when it crossed over to show more depth of field!

I’m currently uploading a new video using the same technique, with 36er and my muni, but it’s mostly in urban settings like parks. I tried a picnic bench jump using a short line. I’ll post it soon, so watch for it in the vid section!

Btw, I thought of what I think is a great title, and it’s also a play on words. $25 to the first person who can guess the title…before I post it haha!

Haha times up! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a great look there Terry. Really looks fine when the line speed and riding click. That muni scene where you do the drop is great. Yeah, and the shot going between the trees is cool to. I can’t get over how long some of those flight lines are.

I remember seeing Brian Mackenzie use a flight line technique back around October 2004 at the East Coast Muni Ride in Kent Cliffs NY (My first muni experience, if you can call it that since I just ran along with the muni pack.) I am not sure if that cut made it into his video ‘Training Wheel Not Required’.

I cant remeber seeing that kind of set up in ‘TWNR’ but I will watch it again sometime just to make sure lol:D

Also again Nice vid Terry

Nice work on the new vid also, High Strung came out great.

Thanks, yeah don’t think I’ve seen that video, but would be interested to see.

Thanks, yeah it’s been up on youtube since last night; I thought I should hold off postiing it to the video forum so I won’t have two videos so close together. :o I have two more as well from a couple weeks back. Those are traditional filming. :slight_smile:

Whooooo Buddy! That was truly a mornin’ treat. Out on the road … sittin’ in a hotel waiting to go perform and that video made me “Whoooo” out loud!!!
Do you have a “stooge” hooked up to launch the camera when you are ready to ride???
Terrific to see you back. Your the BEST.

Thanks Sean. The only time I need a little help is if I do a shot of me riding toward the camera from the low end, but usually I can just give the rig a good long push! It’ll travel a good 100’ depending on how steep the angle. Other than that, If the rig at the start point is too high to reach, or above some brush where I can’t ride from, I’ll just use a piece of string looped loosely around the rig, so it hangs down to hold it, then just let it go when I’m ready to go! It’s really fun to improvise little tweaks and improvements while in the field!

Have a great show today Sean! :smiley:

I quickly watched both Brian’s video’s ‘Inner Balance’, ‘Training Wheels Not Required’ as well as the online videos I could find of his, and don’t think I saw any flight Line video.

The only evidence I found was this quote of his,


At Kent Cliffs, I don’t remember a fishing reel, nor did he spend 2 hours. Maybe I saw a quick experiment, and it didn’t pan out that day. But I think I have seen his video of the flying camera technique linked from unicyclist.com some time, seems long ago.

Sorry didn’t mean to get the jump on you releasing it to us.

No problem. I have the post ready with the link so it’s ready to go now. I just thought maybe I should wait 'till “Flight line” is off the front page, but that may be a while. lol.

Of course, if ppl want me to post it now, I will. :o