UniGeezer Flatland!

I finally landed my very first Flatland trick, thanks in large part to the FL game thread that helped a lot! It was super challenging since I had never really tried this kind of riding before. Also included is 19" trials and stair jump, MUni and more, all packed into less than 3 minutes. (Listen to the comment at :48, lol!):stuck_out_tongue:

I made this video as part of a special promotion the Nokia company, and the entire video was filmed using their loaner Nokia N8 hd camera phone, which has really great quality! I know a lot of the basic FL tricks are child’s play to most of the younger riders, but for me it was like learning to walk all over again, haha! :o:):smiley:

I really hope you enjoy my effort and please comment.
(If you want to go straight to trials and FL, scroll to 1:35.
The birds at the very end is one of my favorite shots!)

Awesome stuff terry. The trials is really coming along, and good work with the flat. That’s where it all starts. Keep trying.

Great to see you riding Flatland! It’s cool that you get asked to do so much stuff like using the camera phone.

Thanks so much guys! I need all the encouragement I can get, haha! I know I’m getting started at FL a bit late, (:D) but I figure as long as I have a chance I might as well go for it! :o

Flatland … looking good … like I would know!:smiley:
Nice oh nice Terry … but gulls scare me!
That Nokia did a fine ol’ job … and so did you.

Thanks Sean. We old dogs can still learn a trick or two haha!
But we might also pay a wee price for each one, like these brand spanking new, nifty scrapers, courtesy of my initiation into flatland! :o



As always. Great filming, nice music & supurb riding. I liked the birds at the end as well.

Thanks much, I really appreciate that! :slight_smile:

Good stuff, it’s great to see you progressing into trials and flat :slight_smile:

I really liked the trials line at about 1:48

Thanks much! It sure helps me to learn by watching the much better flatland riders like you doing the tricks. :slight_smile:

I might have to join a yoga class to help me get more flexible and limber! It seems like that would be a BIG plus in doing flatland, with all the twisting, turning, around, over, and every which way on the uni! Most younger people already are like that, but my range of motion isn’t what it used to be, haha. Not terrible, but not as good as it should be for FL. :o

Another great vid:D:D

Probably would help a lot, esp. if you do Bikram.

Your first time w/ a Bikram class (local spots) wear minimal clothing (I wore just a Speedo my first session) and drink LOTS of water (I drink 1 Liter before, 2 during, and 1 more w/in an hour after the class).

I loved everything!!
the music,editing and ofcourse the riding!! were amazing :smiley:
I Love your vids so much :slight_smile:
If I would see you in the streets, I would never think that you are over 50 xD

Thanks Lewis! And thanks for the link, I will see about joining a class in it! :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim, that means a lot! :slight_smile:

Nice job Terry!!! Very impressed with the riding. Especially the trials and flatland. Flatland is a big challenge when you first start. It definately was for me.

Thanks David. I sure see now why only/mostly younger people do FL. But I’m very close to getting the 180 stepover! Trying again this weekend. :smiley:

The last clip was epic :sunglasses:

I got lucky that the conditions were all pretty good for that shot. By the time the birds started flying I had been sneaking up on them very slowly from a fair distance away. The camera was also zoomed in quite a bit since I had to set up far away.

Great riding as usual Terry! You ride like you’re going on 25 not 55:p
You are coming along really well, may have to try some flatland myself.
I see the 29" is getting a lot of use, you have nice trails for it. Most of my local trails are muddy, bumpy canal towpaths. ( not that i’m complaining, It’s like a MUni ride:D) It has been iced up for the past week, made for some intresting riding with the Kenda tyre.

Thanks much! Yeah I love Mud-MUni! Unless there’s clay in the dirt, then game over haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

AWESOME!!! Sooooo inspiring! I showed my Mum and Dad (who are a similar age to you), and they think you’re crazy! I love how you don’t just do a bit of riding, you really push yourself, and show us young blokes a thing or two as well! Keep it up!!!