UniGeezer: "Crank it up!"

this might help a little to get you instinctively “rolling with it” haha I made it as sort of a joke but there are some good pieces of advice in it… YAY HEALTH CLASS 2 YEARS AGO! it’s formatted like a brochure because that was what the project was so reading it is a bit funky but I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out.
album link since the actual images would REALLY stretch the screen

I’m still trying to find someone to follow me through my T7 slalom course haha

Hey there Terry … I finally got out for a 12 mile ride on the KH 36 yesterday now that my back is doing better and my daughters grad party is wrapped.
Wanting some 114’s since I found a very long and fairly flat paved 20 mile trail. The 125’s I am using are great but at speed I do get some slight wobble. Average speed about 11 mph … seems slow but feels kinda relaxed fast. Steep uphills are still awee difficult…I think I just need to focus on technique and quit trying to ride it like a 24"'er.
Put a KH handle on there and like it. Will take some getting used to. Going to tweak with lengths and angles more and find the sweet spot. sometimes feel as if my body wants to fall forward. fun stuff.
Again, thanks for the crank trails … now I have a whole can of worms open and am digging in whole-heartedly!