UniGeezer: Cold Springs, Santa Barbara, CA

What a fun day!!! 200 miles of driving, to ride one of the best trails in SoCal, and maybe one of the best in the US! :smiley:

At the end of the video is a clip of me falling over an almost vertical embankment! First my Muni went over, then I tried to grab it, at which point I went into an an uncontrolled almost-free fall, desperately grasping at anything to slow me down, but it was totally useless! It had to be a good 100 feet down! It had to be nearly this steep: / :astonished:

You can actually hear the sounds of me falling, for what seems like an eternity! Luckily, I didn’t hit any rocks on the way down, or end up mangled on some rock-filled ravine! It took me nearly 20 minutes to climb back up! :o

Anyway, hope you enjoy. I must admit this time I rode a lot more than I filmed, but it should still give you a pretty good idea of the trail, both in technical and scenic terms. :slight_smile:

Cheers! (Server seems slow right now so HD may not work at this time)

Different trail for you this time Terry. Nice footage and some good riding. Quite an adventure with the slide down the embankment and long haul back up. Cool music :slight_smile: I really enjoy Megadeth.

Cool vid! That trail looked interesting. I like the quotes your including, and the music was good.

If that winded you Terry … it must have been steep!
Good to see you out there.
Rocky road… terrific.

Thanks Johnny. Pine Valley’s “Noble Canyon” was even more intense…and longer at 11 DH miles! Can’t wait to go back there for another ride! :slight_smile:

Thanks for noticing that Sam. I love those quotes and try to live by them everyday! :slight_smile:

Steep somehow doesn’t do justice haha! Any steeper and I would have lost all contact with terra firma! So the scariest part was the feeling that I was falling almost straight down, and that any moment (during the fall I turned over onto my stomach, facing upward) I would fall backwards, away from the hill, into a true free fall and lose contact with the surface! Since I had turned over, facing away from the fall, I could not see where i was going, so it was also the unknown that was scary; not knowing how far down I’d go, or if I’d end up splattered on a rock-filled gorge, trench, whatever!

I also failed to also mention that the main reason it took me nearly 20 minutes to climb back up, is that half way back up I slipped again and fell back down! :astonished: I had to find a solid piece of tree branch to help be dig in as I climbed, since I was holding my uni in the other hand! Probably a better workout than my entire ride, lol! :o

Another nice video terry but with a bit of a twist at the end.Is the trail used often enough for someone to find you if you sustained injuries.Maybe you need a uni riding buddy,but like most of us it is a solo sport most of the time.Take care.


Thanks John. There are usually lots of hikers/bikers on that trail, so if necessary I could have called out for someone to help. And like a lot of us, I ride solo most of the time; mainly because I film so much, and I wouldn’t want to hold up other riders.

Hey Terry, I’m back. Lol. Hey what’s be your advice on finding a post, or thread to find a semi local uni or muni riding pal here ?

Hi Terry awesome bit of riding!

What unicycle were you riding?


What city are you in? Is it Turlock?