UniGeezer: Chillin'

My first ever backward crank roll, (was really hard for me to get this…it happens fast, so don’t blink, lol!) also a pretty big wall drop, and some fun antics, all wrapped into just a tad over 2 minutes. Briskly paced! :smiley:

(watch after the credits for the latest innovations in uni “technology”):stuck_out_tongue:

Comments appreciated! :slight_smile:

great video terry. Ill see you at the coker ride tomorrow

Thanks, and hells yah! Gonna be epic! :sunglasses:

Cool vid!.

That fisheye makes everything look great!

Haha, I see you used my sixsixone graphic. Haha, glad you liked it.

Yeah I meant to thank you for that! It’s very well done so props to you my friend!:slight_smile:

Lol, I forgot to mention that the very last bit with the “uni microphone”, is a parody of a really OLD TV commercial for “Mr Microphone”. Pretty lame but classic haha!

Thanks for the new video Terry!, I didn’t think is was possible to ride in sand that loose. Enjoyed that “cheap bastard” line. :smiley:

I like the comedy you add to your video’s :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t believe you’re 52 xD

very funny as usual :smiley: And to think you threatened to stop making these vids :astonished: !

Haha well, only downhill…and then just barely! And that lady was so cool to agree to be in that bit; she was the FIRST person I asked too, and didn’t seem to have any problem with the lines I asked her to say, so it worked out great!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes they are…I paid for them! But haha, good one J!

Thanks…I can’t either, lol! Time sure flies!:o

Thanks, Yeah, making vids has become my therepy in a way.:slight_smile:

That was wonderful.
“I thought you’d say that, you cheap bastard”

Thanks Jackie! Yeah, she was a natural, and got it perfect on the first take! I had just put like $2 of quarters in the meter, so I’d have plenty of time to search for someone to do that part, and the very moment I put the last quarter in, I spotted her; she was walking by with her girlfriend, so I immediately asked them if they’d do the bit.

Well, they looked at each other and then decided on which of them would do it. I set up the camera and we got it done in less than 5 minutes! But it was worth the $2! :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS: I think it will pale in comparison to the next bit I have planned! Coming soon. :slight_smile: )

I can’t wait.

What I think vanpaun meant.

It’s amazing you still keep coming up w/ funny original ideas :sunglasses:

Pleas never stop:o:D

Thanks Lewis! And I would have to agree with Jeremy (vanpaun) But both “your” and “you’re” are correct, lol! I had just bought the banana and other goodies for ppl to toss at me! :slight_smile:


haha, won’t be much longer!:smiley: Wait 'till you all see my totally new, HANDMADE MUni frame! :sunglasses:

The uni-microphone!! I HOWLED when I saw it!! And I’m still wiping my eyes. Strange that you actually let your brain store a memory of that commercial.

Very fun video!

lol that’s a funny vid:D

Awesome! You’re video’s are always such a treat to watch. Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Thanks, yeah I remember lots of old tv commercials and shows…mainly because I’m also old! :o


Appreciate that! Although I’m still riding as much as ever, I kinda took a break from video-making. After more than 130 videos, and not wanting to repeat myself, it gets more and more challenging just to come up with something new, and to out-do what came before. Granted, at my age that’s a tall order lol!

I’ve been here in Las Vegas since 11/23, and found the most awesome MUni trails at “Bootleg Canyon”!
It’s literally like a “Disneyland” for MUni riding! It is simply the most amazing place I’ve ever ridden and can’t wait to come back! I did shoot some footage, and will make a little viddy from it, but the most amazing stuff was left unfilmed due to my having to much fun to stop and set up! You can read about the place here.:slight_smile: And here’s a brief synopsis:

[I]Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park is an extensive network of World Class Downhill and Cross Country mountain bike trails located in Boulder City, Nevada. The area has been visited by riders from as far away as Japan and Germany and has been written up in magazines around the world. The International Mountain Bike Association as certified one of the XC trails as an Epic Ride, a title given out only 18 times so far.

Boulder City is located approximately 40 minutes south east of Las Vegas by the Hoover Dam and beautiful Lake Mead. The riding season is year round, however, temperatures average around 100 degrees Fahrenheit from June through August, so mid-day riding is difficult.

If you do decide to come in the summer be sure to bring plenty of water and maybe some head lamps for a night ride. Be sure to check out our sponsors while you’re in town for some great Boulder City hospitality.