UniGeezer: "California Coker"

Wow what a total BLAST yesterday at the beach! Lots of fun, a few surprises, and some people happy to get into the act!

Watch past the end creds…:smiley:

Watch full screen in HD for best quality.

I Love it! So funny, learning to ride a two-wheeler at your age. Bit off more than you can chew!

Very entertaining, especially the last part. I bet you have lots of experiences of people saying the same things to you. :slight_smile:

hahaha! The ending was great. I’ve had so many people say exactly the same things while trying to ride my unicycle. That was an awesome video:D

Haha yeah, those 2-wheeled contraptions are really weird! But I know if i took the time I could learn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s why I did that joke-just to flip it around haha! :smiley:

Thanks. Those guys were good sports. I feel bad about that RC car though! That guy on the bike just ran right over it…and kept on going and didn’t even say he was sorry. The owners of the car took it in stride but I would’ve been pissed! :frowning:

nice one! As of everyone I luv the ending, so funny!
PS I feel sorry about the RC that got ran over that off-road 1:10 buggy would of been expensive!!

Dude, do I even need to say it? That was awesome! Loved the bit after the credits, and the last 5 seconds of the video were really cool!

That gave me a real “California Nudge” as I sit here after a MUni ride in 55º Minnesota. Fine flow and smooth steering.
How do you like that handle??
Terrific how you always get folks involved in the shoot … a true Uni Emissary!
Yeah, last few secs were really, really nice. A very “Namaste” moment…
Thanks Terry,

Yeah I felt bad too, but it was still working just a little bent up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

haha thanks Sean…is “Namaste” derived from Sanskrit?

What shot? I really don’t know what you mean sorry. :o

Even if he did, I’d be honored to have Terry copy a part from one of my videos, since he’s freaking awesome! :smiley:

Terry, are the hub and cranks on your coker ISIS? I seem to remember you riding a white coker. Did you get a new one, paint the old one, or am i just senile?
You are really agile on it. You make it look easy. I am trying to turn corners on my 29er and flailing all over!

Im not sure if you can claim a “Setup tripod, hit record, ride uni across a section, run to camera, stop recording” shot. =p

Sweet video.

Haha, still don’t what “shot” he’s referring to, but if he means the very last where I ride across the shoreline, I did that same thing over a year ago in this one. :slight_smile: (At the end) So I really copied myself haha!

It’s the square taper, but I really want to get a KH 36er with isis, so I can do drops and the cranks won’t keep getting loose and bending. :o

Thanks Jerrick! :slight_smile:

lol your vids are always entertaining.

it was HILARIOUS when you were “trying” to ride that bike lol. that looked HARD lol

Thanks, I think I over-faked it a bit haha! Hey I noticed you live in St. Augustine, but I never knew much about it, so I checked this out! Lots of history there, and I see that Ray Charles lived there, and many other notables presently do, like Tom Petty. Also apparently the oldest city in the US.

Are there good places to ride MUni?

unfortunately not. lol the places i see in your vids are way better. theres not many hills here. but downtown st. aug is like the ultimate trials riding place…if you can avoid the security guards that always try to kick you out despite the fact your not destroying anyhting!

Hello Terry, YOU REALLY NAILED IT. 5 star video man.

Really enjoyed the two wheel thing. All the acting and dialog is great. I was laughing out loud. Perfect.

I like to lean into zig zags on a smooth paved trail like you videoed, Unigeezer makes it look cool.

The dog in the stroller was a fun bonus. I don’t ever see things like you always find to put in your videos. I’m wondering if not noticing, or if crazy fun stuff is just plentiful California? Maybe I need to get down to NY city more.

Thanks for the video Terry!

I wish that I could ride those weird two-wheeled contraptions as good as you! :frowning:

Yah, it can get annoying though. Espically when a little kid won’t quite asking to ride it and you have already established that they are not tall enough to even mount it.

Wow, that was just to accurate…