UniGeezer: "Bootleg"

Hi again everybody! It’s been a while since my last video. This is some footage from my recent trip to Las Vegas where I did some riding at Bootleg Canyon. I almost didn’t go, due to a non-uni related back injury. I went anyway, but just didn’t try anything too crazy.

There is one mtb-er in the video that I wish I’d gotten to know better! :smiley:

Anyway I hope you like it. :o Thanks for watching and please leave a comment. :slight_smile:
Bootleg canyon fun! :smiley:

[/B] (Watch past the credits to see three new friends I met! And notice their reaction when I say, “I gotta go now guys”. :p)

Terry Peterson

good vid
hot girl

Digg it… Why did you repost?

Sweet video, looks like a fun place to ride.

sweet! i rode there once.

I say Terry … riding on through the pain!
Good your back as this site ain’t the same without your vids and your MUni-thusiasm.
Yeah … Bike Girl … scorching!!!

Excellent vidéo and I love your humour
good continuation
(sorry for english) :thinking:

Some really picturesque shots in there Terry. Looked like a lot of fun

yeah nice vid:D

looks like a cool area to ride.

Another great video Terry. You’re getting better with taking those drops with ease !!

Were you visiting, or live there then? I know that there are MUni people living in the Vegas area, so maybe when I go back (Sometime very soon!) we could all meet at Bootleg Canyon for a whole awesome day of riding!

So anybody who lives in or near LAs Vegas/Boulder City, let’s hear from you! :slight_smile:

Good job, that was one of your better vids.

Did you get the girls #? or did you end up with the donkeys?? :D:D:D

:slight_smile: Nice :slight_smile:

One of your better vids, esp. w/ the camera angles. :sunglasses:

Watched Again!!!

Yeah … great angles, editing, filming and riding! You were on Terry. The girl and the Asses were a fun feature but to me, on the second watch, your riding stole the show…

Thanks everybody for all the nice comments! I wasn’t even going to make this video because I didn’t think the footage or my riding was all that good. I was/am nursing a lower back injury (from stupidly moving a piano away from a wall!) and so I was riding more cautiously than usual, and the drops were modest at best. I can’t wait to go back there and go all out 100%! :smiley:

Ok it looks like I’ll be going back to Bootleg in the next couple weeks to ride MUni! It’ll be probably a Sat or Sun and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and FLY there in my brother’s plane! I just hope THIS doesn’t happen. It’s a miracle he landed it! (Think it’s fake though, lol!) :astonished:

So if there are any riders who live out in that area, let me know so maybe we can meet and ride there together! :slight_smile: