UniGeezer: "A Drop Uni-Torial"

I made this earlier today mostly for the newer riders and those who are thinking about learning to do various drops. Hope it helps a little! I had lots of fun making it!:smiley:

now you only Over 50:p

although I’m passed drops, that was pretty helpful.

It would have been a little better if you got more detailed with the drops, like how to set your cranks in the right spot, rather than saying “hopefully your cranks are in the right spot” haha, but that was a pretty good and entertaining tutorial. Im sure all the newer people (and all your fans :stuck_out_tongue: ) appreciate it.

Thanks. Yeah, I said hopefully because unless you line up your cranks before you do the rolling hop, your cranks may not be in the best position for the drop when you roll up to it; That’s what I was trying to say lol!

I think though that when I was explaining that the crank position doesn’t matter in the rolling drop, I did mention that in the rolling hop, your pedals should be horizontal at the point where you hop. :slight_smile:

Haha, well, I’ll *always" be over 50 from now on, but I’ll only be 52 'till 1/15/09. So do you think I should go back and change it to 52, or just “too old to remember my actual age!”:stuck_out_tongue:

that one

Hmmm, I don’t remember saying that, lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Terry for the vid. I’m just starting so when I see tutorial vids, I’m all over them.

Good vid, especially with the Talking Heads for Music, Gotta love the late
70’s early 80’s

Thanks! I’m more than happy to help the younger tykes like yourself lol!:wink: But seriously, I’ve gotten lots of helpful feeback about how to make more effective tutorials. I’ll try to make the next one more in depth with more attention to explaining stuff.:smiley:

The weird thing is, my first tutorial about coker mounting had no verbal commentary at all, and is my 2nd most watched video out of 93! It simply shows me mounting the coker a few different ways, then replaying each mount in slomo.