UniGeezer: "28 months later..."

I had this idea to “look back in time” a little over 2 years ago (hence the parody on the title) to before I started unicycling again-after about 40 years away lol!

No beer was consumed in real life (and no zombies either:p) it was purely for added effect. Hope you enjoy!

PS: I’m also pretty excited because my total youtube views are about to pass 100,000! I know that’s not a lot compared to so many others, but still cool.:smiley:

really cool vid

That was hilarious Terry.

I’m looking forward to seeing some new riding footage as well.

I’ve started teacher my father to unicycle and I’ve used your videos to prove to him that age isn’t a limiting factor. In about 30min he was able to ride about 20 feet unsupported.

Thanks guy…for some reason the video is “unavailable”. It says “live” in my account, but I can view it…hopefully it’ll be back up soon.:o


totally awesome( i didn’t know u had a wife that sounds like u?) :roll_eyes:

you replied 52 minutes ago to my comment on youtube! hahaha loved the video by the way… as usual… and I need to find out how I’m going to get down there and bring my coker… and hopefully by the time I come down I’ll have a Muni… The weather always seems great in your area… man I wanna come ride with you and everybody down there!

Well, if you somehow can’t bring your coker, I’m positive we could get a good loaner for you; like we did for Jamey. Yeah for sure comon down-there are tons of great MUni places and of course that 46 miles of Beach bike path!:smiley:

That is SO cool to hear! How old is your dad?

What a great vid, Terry! :smiley: I love your acting.

Awesome! It made me laugh :wink:

Showed this to my parents (50 years both), and they loved it! They watch some of you other videos and really enjoyed themselves. Still won’t try unicycling though =(.

Hes 49 and actually seems kind of excited to learn now. Hes really into hiking but hasn’t been able to get out much and I think this will be a great cross training for him.

Wow, he could be my little brother lol! Well, he’s the same age as when I started! (I hadn’t ridden a uni at all since the late '60’s…and no, not the 1860’s lol!):stuck_out_tongue:

Terry you Rocks!

Awesome video… I will show this vid to my friends… They really need some exercices :smiley:

Anyway… I loved… And the songs of your videos are always good :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that i will try to buy a Coker for my dad if i go to Unicon…or a 29’… He rides… but just forward, backwards and small hops… And he have the same age of Terry :D… but He stoped training Trials (motorcycle) and it’s fat now :frowning:

Bye :smiley:

Thats was awesome, Terry. I’ve been giving my 2year video some thought the last couple weeks.

100,000 is quite a bit, dont sell yourself short.

“2 year video”? Is it on youtube yet?

Thanks it’s so great when you young riders tell me that your dads’ are also riding, or thinking about taking it up! Go grey power!:stuck_out_tongue:

Won’t be on youtube until mid august or so. Sorry if that was confusing. I still got a few months to learn some tricks, haha.

Haha are you kidding!? I’ve seen your videos and your riding is amazing! What new tricks are you learning?

Haha I wish my parents did…they’d always complain about the way I act! :wink: