UniGeezer: "1936" (Trials & 36er)

No, the title isn’t my birthdate lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

I Just got my new KH trials today. It feels sooo squirly and weird since I’m used to my MUni for doing this stuff.
I put a tryall tire and twisted PC’s on it, so at least it looks cool, but whether I can learn to do (clean) tricks on it is another matter!:o

So here ya go, and some 36er stuff too. Haha watch the hiker at the end! Hope you enjoy, and appreciate your comments! :):D:p :sunglasses:

Haha! great video man, and are you sure that’s not your birthday in the title? how do the twisted PC’s feel? Very cool new trials unicycle… Can I have it? :wink:

you dropped your nuts…shameful :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid Terry. Those Twisted Plastics look ace.

If you want I could take those JCs off your hands…

haha nice uni and of course a humorous little skit.

Love the tune, eh?

really nice vid!

Very Nice, some of your better work. :sunglasses:

That seat looks low… or do trials riders ride with a lower than normal seat?

my PC audio is broken, but the video is still good without audio… except I know I missed some jokes.
Is the 19 in 1936 the real size of the trials wheel?

A friend once let me ride his coker and I was warned I shouldnt hop because they’re no made for that…

Yeah I like it low when doing jumps since it allows for more knee bend and tuck. Not as necessary for sif, but for si you want it low for ups.:slight_smile: I like the saddle higher though for unispins-not that I can do them (180) very well-yet!:smiley:

Yes to the first question. The rim is 19", and UDC states that the CC tire is also 19", but it says 20" on the sidewall, as does the tryall. To the second comment, I must not have heard the “warning” about hopping on a 36er lol! :slight_smile:

The rim is actually 15". Bike rims size are measured as if a 2" wide tire is on them, adding 4" onto the total diameter. So 19" rim is 15", 20" rim is 16", 24" rim is 20", etc. Trials (mod rear) tires for 19" (15") rims are all 20x2.5 making the total diameter of the rim and tire 20". Front rims of trials bikes are 20" (16") rims. Front trials tires (for mod bikes) are all (that I know of) 20x2.0 making the total diameter 20". So don’t buy any trials tires that are 20x2.0 if you plan to use it on a 19" (15") rim.

Yes, the 19" designation apparently refers to the approx. total size with tire on. But both the CC and the tryall trials tires are clearly marked 20x2.5, not 19". Doesn’t really matter as long as it fits properly, and it does.:slight_smile: Btw , the actual measurement of my KH rim is just a tad over 15", and with the tryall or Maxxi trials tire it’s a full 20" diameter. Now my torker lx rim is 16". Oh, and even though the tryall trials tire is marked “20x2.5”, you must still use a 19" (15" actual but they call the 19") rim.

Cool video Terry. Nice uni :slight_smile: I’ll be excited to see some trials footage from you:)

Keep it up:)


yeah that is a pretty sweet video, i also think it is sweet the one when you do they kick up mount on your coker…i cant even do that on my 20 yet

Well, Some riders like Joe Hodges and myself like riding with the saddle EXTREMELY low. Joe has his at his knees last time i check, and same goes for me (really, its really really comfortable doing SI like that, and just for normal riding). Some SIF riders have theres really high, which i cant stand when i’m riding.

Good stuff Terry…love the humor as always.

good luck with that beautiful new uni

Perfect music, Terry! Nice 36" work too.

Haha glad you liked the music! I really contemplated what to use and for some reason some classic and kick back and relax Steely Dan came to mind. :smiley:

Thanks. I think that bit at the end is my favorite so far, with the “Pun patrol” guy in a close second lol! And yeah, I’ll need all the luck I can get with my new trials uni! :slight_smile:

Hey Terry … great vid - thanks for posting it! It’s great to see what you can do on the 36" … what size cranks are you using on it here?