UniGeezer: 14 stair jump!!!

I must be INSANE! :astonished: But a nice way to cap off a fun 9 mile Muni! :slight_smile:

This one is for you Skrobo! :p;)

Cheesey as always…

Hmm, do you mean that in a good way or a bad way, lol! Speaking of “cheesey” I can’t wait for my pizza to get here! :smiley:

(No, but sometimes I just like to have a little fun and not take things so seriously. I think a sense of humor is important and it makes me deal with life easier sometimes if I can just laugh more.:):D:o)

you almost laughed when you were speaking through the Voice Upper thingy majig.

haha… Really funny.

Thanks yeah we had to do that over many times because the KIDS were laughing so much and I couldn’t get the lines out, lol! It was like, "Please disperse!..and they lost it! The take in the video was the best I could get and I almost laughed even more because the one kid was about to crack up-again-and it looked so funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha… Keep it simple… Make some more :smiley:



Seems legit to me.


Yes, a shame about the missing footage. But this does seem proof enough.

I ment it in a good and bad way haha. I like cheese, maybe not as much cheese as you though. Pizzas good.

haha !!! :smiley:

Enterprise, but not the Starship variety

Hey Terry! Has the thought occured to you that your whole video collection could be compiled into a multi-entertainment, multi-level tutorial, user-interactive and unicycling-related DVD? Of course, I’m sure youv’e thought of that! Why else would be doing such harebrained unicycle escapades, risking life and limb whilst your still ‘young’ enough to do it :wink:
Just think, when you’re ‘too old’ to step on the pedals you could be living retirement to the full on the income from your ‘Unigeezer the DVD’s’ sales :smiley:

Seriously, I reckon you have a marketable product there.

PS yes my knee injury is unicycle related (what else)! A week or two off uni is nothing…I have come to realise.

I had one more funny bit to do but I decided to wait and put it in my next vid instead.:slight_smile:

Thanks yeah I just saw the 14 set and thought it would be funny pretend to jump it by adding the “missing footage” part, lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

Totally! :smiley:

Well, I did finally buy Nero 9 which is awesome and easy to use. I can make really nice, professional looking DVDs complete with labels, but I don’t know about selling them; A lot of my videos have copyrighted music and so I would have to re edit most of them with “freeplay” music.

I got Nero 9 initially to make a DVD for the audition; every computer place in town (most of which were also using N-9) were charging a $55 minimum to burn a single 60 second wmv file to DVD! So I thought why not buy my own for like only $25 more than that and I can do it myself, and make as many as I want, whenever I want. Made sense to me. :slight_smile:

The only problem with selling dvd’s is, that we, the buyers, have seen it on youtube.

“And the Oscar goes too… Unigeezer!”
You ain’t right Terry and I mean that in the Best Of Ways!:smiley:

See, now I’m confused :thinking:

Pretty funny lol. And the DVD… I’ve already seen it! (on youtube :p)

Haha exactly. I suppose though, that a case could be made that you can’t save YT videos with good quality and if you try to watch it full sreen it’s loses even more. But the original HD or HQ on a DVD lets you watch it in full res on a big screen. Plus there could be added goodies and comiplations, or maybe the buyer could be given a choice of which videos to go onto a particular dvd. Plus there could be a really cool never-before-released “outtake” and blooper reel added as a bonus. :smiley:

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

once I filmed me doing a hexflip down a 73 set but the footage was missing. BUGGER!!

lol, now I’ve figured out how to jump stairs! You’re a genius!! :p:D

I wonder if I had enough speed could I actually clear that set! I would try it but I’d want to have as much body armor as possible without it hindering my riding. But before I’d attempt such a huge set, I’d start with 9 and go from there! :o

Guys like skrobo get so much height and throw the uni waaaay out in front and that helps so much in clearing the big sets. But for some reason I just can’t seem to be able to mimic that form. I think it’s a fear of the uni getting away from me in mid-air!? Plus I’m already afraid of heights so doing the bigger sets might help conquer my fear! I really need to work on that. :slight_smile:

wow i really thought you were gonna do it.

did you know those kids???