UniDudeDX-[Short Video]

Just a little video I made with a few cool new thigs…

(its only like 1 minute long…)


comment please…

13 views and no tips?


well thank you van.

i really tried on the last one…ive never really dont any ups from “skinnys” before…

Nice gap up to the rock, I still have yet to see your sif hop onto five pallets. But good overall video.

But you need to calm done with your greed for comments. Your last video got like 50 comments. :astonished: I wouldn’t be too bummed if I were you.

When you peddle grab it doesn’t really count if you put your foot on the ground for balence

Ya, i know…i kept losing my balance…

and I just want to be able to get better…so i want people to comment…

lol, I’m subscribed to you on vimeo so I saw it before you posted it anywhere. I subscribe to pretty much as many people as I can on youtube and vimeo (unless I don’t like their videos) that way I get new videos everyday.

Sweet, your getting better eh? About time we saw some skatepark or urban action from you instead of just things around your house.

If i asctually went to the skatepark, i would get my ass kicked.

Keep up the good work man.

You just keep improving, as far as unicycling goes.

I always end up watching your videos muted, however. I don’t particularly like your music choices. I don’t particularly like the music, but it’s not that. It doesn’t seem to go with the video. Songs I would never listen to I often find pleasant in videos.

I used to make skating videos, and often I’d think a song went with the video really well because at that point in time I thought it was the raddest song ever, but it didn’t actually fit the video at all.

This could all just be me though, I don’t know. Don’t take any offense to this, I’m trying my hardest at constructive criticism. Keep riding, I look forward to your next video.

thats good. i just liked the song, and on the little clips-type videos i just wanted to gfet some music in there…not really as important as the main videos…

but my riding is alot better I feel…

lol Same.

haha but thats the life of a unicyclist…:slight_smile:

Hahaha!!! Thats not it. BUT, I understand if you can’t stick up for yourself. I use to be like that.

But when you start riding, it dosn’t matter what your riding.

have you seen my videos?
Im not exactly the burliest guy on the block. haha
getting gang beat by a bunch of skaters is just not my thing.

Nah yeah man I know. I’m exactly the same. Just go there with some mates or something.

I don’t like to brag but I basically own my skatepark so I don’t have that problem anymore. But trust me, my town (Kaikohe) SUCKS SHIT. I even made a vid called Kaikohe sucks. Its full of wannabe gang raping gangsters.

I dont have anyone I know who unicycles. otherwise I would go, but no…I sometimes go with some of my skater or biker friends, but ralrely…

But you could just do a 7 spin or triple flip and the skaters would know you were way better than them. And you’re black :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the most unburly guy ever lol. And skaters even hate BMX’ers. Even when I’m in town unicycling sometimes people try and like steal my uni, yell at me etc. lol

I hate my town in the first place…i dont really wanna make it worse…
i am about to get out and start filming in some urbam areas anymay though…

found a shweet rail thats about 20 feet long. gonna try it out.