UniDudeDX-[New Little Trick For Me]

I landed this one handed thingy and im not sure what it is called…enlighten me please!!!

One Handed Deal…

wow, I think you might have invented a new trick…

nooooo its not new.

Cool! thats usually called an “outspin” or an “in to out 180 unispin”. Add a crankflip to that and you’ve got an “outflip!”

Edit: i posted this in the brag thread before i saw this thread, sry

i tried to add a crankflip but its harddd

I was gonna say, I land those all the time, they are quite fun, no?

I have landed an out semi-flip as I like to call them, where the cranks flip a half rotation, but a full flip is too hard. I cant do em, but nice job. Try for a varial now.

whats a varial?

A smallspin from seat in. In other words, a 180 added to what you just did.

so like a 360 version of that?

nono, A 180 twist with a 180 unispin. If you dont understand, I’ll film it for you tomorrow to show you.

please do.

I did your trick at 0:20 and the varial at 0:59.

ohhhhh i see whats going down. ill work on it today.

ah, such a fun trick. This trick is the reason why all my flips are from seat in lol (since I did this trick too much)

Haha, beats the hell out of a regular 1spin. Its a fun trick, cause when you do it one handed, its just the wrist that swings the seat around, with a little bit of arm (at least for me)

Very fun indeed.

Varials are twice as fun, but much harder to learn… Its an upper body trick, while the outspin is equally divided among the legs and the arms.

You need to get decent vertical, sure, but its all in the shoulders throwing your body that 180.

“Too much fun… Really, I cant contain it” - Ronald Jenkees