Unidudedx-[Bust A Move]

Here is my new video.

Bust A Move

Your riding is getting better but I thought the flashing was annoying.

good- riding, the song was catchy too.

bad-the bleep at the beggining and the flashing, i almost had an epileptic fit lol (everything is flashing now!?!)
other than that it was good, i liked it

Ya, Its alot of flashing, but the music seemed to fit it.

agreed there but my eyes are still kinda funny, mabey leaving my computer for a while will help lol, what song is it by the way??

The Song Is

“The City Is At War”
By, “Cobra Starship”

Cool. I gotta put out a vid now. W00ts. Better riding :smiley:

THANKS! I thought this one was good, but next up is 360 unispins consistently, and hopefully some crankflips.

Like has been said, the flashing wasn’t all to great. The idea isnt bad and it was a good song to have that style of editing to, just a bit excessive and didnt quite match the music. If your gonna have flashes like that you need to use them wisely and in the right spots, or its better to not have them at all.

You riding is certainly getting better, and I thought the song choice was your best yet. I didn’t necessarily like the song, but it went very well for you video.

I wish more people would upload the the gallary so people at school can watch videos =) (hint hint)

sooo you want me to upload t to the gallery? will do!

I mean you could always just drop out, haha.

Yeah, i dont hate you like you think i do :roll_eyes:

Thank you about the riding part:)
I will work on my editing more before my next video.

I think you do, but Im gonna upload it anyway…
The gallery is sooo confusing! Ive never used it!

I do not, its isaac I dont like for whatever reason… Some people just dont like other people. I dont mind you we just got started off on the wrong path.

Big inprovement from last time. I didn’t like the flashes though. And you could of included crankflips and 8 sets because I find trials boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok SHAY CAM here ya go…


watch away!

Yeah I remember reading somwehere on here that you did a 6 set. Where did that clip go?

On a side not if you did do a 6 set I’m going to have to start unicycling again. There’s no way Unidudedx is going to be better than me (I’m stuck on 7’s)

I landed a 7 last week…any higher im uncomforatable with…8’s scare me…

But I will have alot bigger stuff in my next video.

The one with beeper and maybe some other people…

Im about to post the vid that i landed a crankflip in…its pretty scetchy so go easy on the critiq…