Uniday Feb 16

Yep, most of the footy is agentQ Brian O and myself, but alittle bit of pdougherty and danlee…

props to everyone who came

very nice, looks like you had a fun day. is someone riding an xtp? :slight_smile:

better, agentQ is riding a triton sponge frame, i got to ride his setup and its sick

I liked the edit. I wasnt expecting much performance wise. Brians bails is pretty narly for sure. It would have been fun to sync some tricks and lines and stuff.

Cool. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Sam had a the blue striped shirt on right? And was that Brian riding the yellow frame?

Yup, thats right.

I had fun and I was surprised we got as much we we did. We really didn’t film much.


Edit: What Brian said.

Oh man, I take the most ridiculous bails. Sam is going to put together a Brian O. bail vid from the footage we got in Boston.

lol when i was editing the footy my mom walked in right at your bail and just started laughing

Hahaha, nice. That makes me feel good. :slight_smile:

Dam, I sure wish I could have come. Much too far a trip for only one day though. Looked like fun. That bail was hilarious brian. I love how you fell, then Levi, and sam [i think] turn around and just see you on the ground :slight_smile: .

I was going to crank grab and then hop over the bench from the crank grab into another crank grab on the opposite side but I jumped too high and had no way to cancel the moment I had planned to use to hop over the bench.


Is there gonna be another one soon? I can always juss take a ferry across the sound, and call a cab or something. Looked like a good time.