UNI'd life teaser

short little teaser for the movie im workin on.
i wish the quality was better, bit i cant get a nice compression of the effects on the vid.

i may upload a bigger version soon.

thanks for watching

Look good. =p

Ill be waiting for the full version to come out.

trppy but good :smiley:

how od you get that effect? It’s so cool.

your 360 unispins and 180s are so smooth.

That was wierd, in a good way though. I wasn’t at all impressed with the riding, infact I found it kind of boring (not saying your bad just that usualy a teaser is for a crazy good video), and at first the filters were driving me nuts, but you still put together a very well assembled teaser, good job.

yea my riding is far from top notch… its been a hell of a battle getting 4 minutes of footage.
i’ve only been really riding since the end of summer. but i think i am throwing together a decent video. (mostly urban trials, little street thrown in)
my one man fiming and editing is more of what i am showing off. Its not just clips spilled out of the camera and on the net.

ancient nerdees secret