unicyling in clarks shoes

There is a bit of unicycling going on here:

Anyone know why?

If you load the site and then follow the “more clubs” right arrows over 3 to 4 clubs, you’ll see the Unatics in action!

I need to get me a pair. Too bad they don’t come in 13s

There was someone at last years CAl MUNi weekend named Scott that rides a yellow MUni. He wore an inexpensive pair of men’s plain toed shoes for MUni. They had softish rubber soles. He really liked wearing them and the heal helped lock his feet in on down hills.

I think veteran MUNieers know this person.

He rode down Mailboxes with these, so they can really help.

I have been wearing leather round toed leather Clarks shoes for over two years to work every day. On one occasion I practiced during lunch while wearing them. I was actually surprised how well the heel helped to lock your foot in and the flat sole was soft enough to grip the pedals.