Unicyle maintenance - advice for the unwary

A few weeks ago I had to change my pedals (the bearings had curled up their
metaphoric tootsies). Soon after that I changed the tyre (I think I spilt
paraffin (kerosene) on it, it perished and the inner tube started bulging
out). Around the same time I started getting a lot of practise at riding

I immediately started to find my pedals working loose. At first I thought it
was from going backwards, so I took care to ride forward more and check my
pedals after going back. No joy, they still came loose. For a while I thought
there was something wrong with the pedals - in fact I was planning to buy a
new pair today. Then I noticed last night what the problem was. My cranks
were on the wrong way round. It took me a while to figure out why, but
eventually I realised that when I took the wheel off to change the tyre I’d
put it back on the other way round!

So remember folks, if you take your wheel off don’t forget to put it back on
the right way round. It’s a right pain in the arse having to get off every
couple of miles to tighten the pedals.

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