unicyle jousting

do any of you do this?

ive always wanted to but i dont know what to use as that jousting sticks. if you know please tell me.

unicycle jousting

ya know, it would be cool to do that and you could use pool noodles as jousting sticks. Everything else i can think of to use would hurt!!!

i already did some joust
and its is reeeealy cool!

what you do isget a broom stick and and shove it through a pool noodle and leave 1ft of pool noodle on the end

I’ve used hockey sticks with foam on the end. They were too short though.

Samia is a hardcore UniJouster.
Just look at her avatar, she even makes her own lances.

I posted a similar thread to this once you can read it right here

I’ve been experimenting with different lances and will post my findings at some point. Shields too!

Happy jousting wherever you are :slight_smile:

I really want to see some good videos of hardcore uni jousting. I didn’t find any on youtube. I want to see two people (possibly on cokers) ride at each other as fast as possible. If there isn’t one I demand that someone make one. I would, but none of my friends ride.

I would too, but I don’t have a friend who is considered a “rider” yet he is still learning and then when/if he gets into unicycling as much as I have and we both get cokers i am trying that untill then I wait untill he can ride a 20 inch then we joust on those, and I was looking into a shield sortv of like THIS or THIS and for a lance a long version of THIS

I did it a few times at crawley juggling festival, using a thick wooden pole with something like a bar stool seat (but smaller) on the end of it. No shields or any of that business and a rule that you can only aim for the hip chest or shoulder i.e. no clocking your opponent in the face.

When Seamus (smcmorrow) and I tried we wore lacrosse helmets and used sleds as shields. The hockey stick idea was okay and didn’t hurt, but like he said they were too short. We also tried with alpine skiing gates (really long bamboo poles) which worked alright with some padding on the end.

Me and my friend from school want to try jousting once he can ride a bit better. We are just gonna use garbage can lids as sheilds and probably a broom stick as a lance or something.

My experience with jousting is that it’s quite hard for good riders to knock each other off with only the lances. I haven’t tried it on a big wheel, it might be more fun that way.

Try sumo, it requires less equipment.