Unicyclyes for sale

Hi guys, I’m working a new website called ochosports.com which is
stocking unicycles, I just thought I would put the word out on here!

The page is:

and sells everything froma 12" trainer to a 25" nimbus.

“unicyclists do it on one wheel”

Let me be the first to say “25inch NIMBUS?!”
Im sure it was just a typo :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you get to the unicycles from the other pages? I couldnt figure it out but maybe i am just a bit slow. .


the picture of the 12 Dodger looks very similar to the picture of the12" Trainer


I don’t think you will get much custom from users of this site, as most people on here know about unicycle.com, and your prices aren’t too great compared with theirs.

Also, spelling unicycle wrong and advertising a ‘25" Nimbus’ isn’t very professional.

Still, it’s always good to see more shops stocking unicycles, so good luck to you!

Has anyone noticed that their pictures were stolen from unicycle.com? Someone should tell UDC about this, since ocho stole pictures to set up a competing business. That’s an unethical business practice.

And the descriptions. But it looks like the unicycles themselves came from UDC anyway, and are being sold on after a mark-up in price. Can you get Nimbus unicycles from anywhere else but UDC?

Re: Unicyclyes for sale

guys guys guys…apologies for spelling unicycle wrong, I’ll not do it
again (lines anyone, I must type more slowly!).

As for the pics, I will check that out…

>From the main page the unicycles can be found by going to “TOYS AND
FUN” in the left hand navigation panel.


Re: Unicyclyes for sale

Hello again,

right then - few corrections…UNICYCLE…2 C’s and one wheel, simple

Nimbus, looks like it comes in 24 and 26 inch, what can I say - I’m
dumb! 25 is a much nicer rounder number…though you’d struggle to get
wheels (which as a cyclist I should bloody well know!).

The pictures are MOST DEFINITELY (caps for emphasis) NOT ripped off,
they are from the manufacturer and unicycles.com will have been
supplied with the same, clearly not unethical…but don’t worry, I’ll
not have you for making such wild statements this time, given my
hilarious faux pas!

Anyway guys, like I said, I am in this to promote and encourage, not to
upset anyone, so cycle safe.


PS We’re thinking about selling baskets you can clip on to a
unicycle…would this be useful? ;0)

Re: Unicyclyes for sale

C’mon paco…you know you want to take it back about the unethical bit

unicycles.com is obviously THE unicycle store, so is likely to sell
them at the best price, a lot like
many other stores, doesn’t mean we’re not worth a look though! The
site is growing fast and we’re
trying to get a bit of a following - we have a lot of talented athletes
working on the site for different sports,
and we are aiming to be succesful - so please be fair (but honest).

Domesticated ape - how else can you describe a unicycle other than
using the manufacturers description:
Unicycle for sale-
complete with one wheel, no breaks(and no brakes!), no lights, no seat
belt, no safety net, 25 inch wheel (sic)…

So why is there a Unicycle.com sticker on this, and every other uni (aside from the 12"s) that you sell?

Re: Unicyclyes for sale

hmm…you have got me stumped now, I’m off to make a phone call to
somebody about our pics!
I’ll be back, but probably not until Tuesday, but believe me - I’m
investigating, although I’m 99.9% the guy who put the pics up has used
legit ones…

There’s a sticker and the pic is watermarked.

I was going to mention the watermark, but I didn’t know the word for it.

If the “manufacturer” is Unicycle.com, this could be the case. Who actually counts as the manufacturer gets pretty blurry, even more with unicycles than with bicycles.

Chris, just turn to us whenever you need something nit-picked, or some real honest opinions about your site & products. We’re really good at it!

Please give us a call Chris, your phone number does not work. Our phone number is 0800 980 0711.

Unicycle.com are the manufacturer of these unicycles. THESE UNICYCLES ARE NOT SUPPLIED BY ANYONE ELSE BUT US. (I like to shout every now and again) It is worth noting that the specification of our unicycles is not identical to any other unicycle on the market and that the factories that manufacture these unicycles do not sell them to any others.

We do give permission to our wholesale customers to use our photos if the products are purchased from us. Although there are conditions, they must not have the copy-write removed and must not be edited in any way.


Nothing wrong with a bit of constructive criticism:D

Anyway, sounds like it’s all legit, so good luck to ocho sports.

Where are you based? Are you in Woking, UK? Only I can’t see a mail address on your site (I like to know where businesses really are).

Also what’s with the “We Sell Toys Too!!” ? :angry:

The address is on the ‘Info’ page, they’re in Farnborough.

If they got someone to write a bit about unicyling in the ‘Expert Advice’ section, gave unicycling it’s own section instead of part of ‘Toys & fun’, and lowered the prices a bit, it would be a good site!

Except that only unicycle.com sell those unicycles.


They sell them wholesale as well as retail (see Roger’s post), so UDC isn’t the only place that you can buy one.