Unicyclycle in pop up window ad

An annoying pop up window for ING Bank was a bit less annoying sincee
it featured a guy on a unicycle (it looks like a Schwinn, but perhaps
could be a Sem Deluxe). The URL for the ad is:


John Hooten

Recently, while in the guidance office at my school, I was board, so I started looking through the different ‘magazines’/booklets for different universities and colleges. On the cover of Algonquin College’s magazine, there was a guy on a girraffe! I was so delighted. I think that would be a big factor if i was thinking about going there.


There is a girl riding a Giraffe through Collegetown in Ithaca on Cornell’s Info book. I’ve only ever seen one other guy around here on a uni, and it wasn’t a giraffe. But, it’s in there. :smiley:


cornell uni.jpg

Some UCAS university related blurb my brother got earlier this year had a picture of someone one a unicycle on the cover, with the title “the way ahead”. At least they realise the truth!

Phil, just me

That’s very cool. I went to Cornell and rode some freshman year before putting the uni away for 19 years or so. I did a little riding down in Collegetown, but most rode around north campus.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ