Unicyclling at the NYC unicycling club

Heres two videos of me and a kid named will riley. Some of the footage was taken at grants tomb, home of the NYC unatics. Enjoy or critique.


personally i think the second vid is better but watch and see for yourself

A non-white male unicyclist, they do exist. :wink:

Riding was decent, parkour was awesome. Pretty entertaining.

Edit: Second one is better.

thanks. Maybe ill make a all parkour vid. Im a little better now. That vid was from a while ago and i dont have a camera to make a new one.

btw when i was wheelwalking i had a cup of hot chocolate in my hands :slight_smile:

Hey, cool videos! = ]

I’ll be in NYC soon, it would be cool to ride with you guys.

How often does the club meet?

the club meets twice a month. First sunday and third saturday of the month from 1 to 5. but no ones really there until like 2

youtube’s slow now…ill watch them later…but where do you meet? Its prob to far for me:(


the second is better

We meet at Grants tomb in Manhatten.
http://www.newyorkunicycle.com/ here is the link to the website.


Not to be rude or, but this is how it works with video comments.
-You post the video.
-People watch it
-Some may comment, most probably not
-Frequent viewers will see you video, and most likely not watch it again, or at least not put another comment unless for conversation.
-Your thread dies.

Non-frequent viewers will look farther to find videos then the frequent viewers.

I know what its like to put up a video and not get many comments, trust me, I have a 19 minute video with only about 6 comments from other people. The videos with huge discussion are normally amazing, from very popular riders, or new boundary pushing stuff.

I try to comment the videos I watch, to at least give credit for making it.

These are just my observations and may not be completely true to all others, but bumping your video can be rude to others who uploaded newer videos that may get burried

My bad.

nice vid. Good to see another club and some new york footage.
I liked seeing some giraffe riding… we dont see enough of that.

oneisenough… so true.
people that post videos really want feedback.
or money. you should send money or feedback
or beer.

Nice vids. I liked the first a bit better.

I didn’t particularly like the music in either vid :o

My friend made it. I had no choice in music.

I’ve been wanting to ride with you guys (the club) for quite a while. My wife’s family is from NYC and we go up to visit every so often. I’m hoping to ride with you guys next time we go up (from VA).