unicyclists who xc ski as cross training

Hello unicyclists
do you xc ski and xc ski skate (free style) as cross training?

It seems to me that the body position of a unicyclist is closer to that of a xc skier than of a runner or bicyclist. If the unicyclists position is such then xc skiers should spend more time unicycling?

My view you see, what is your view.

I am in training for the 09-10 xc ski season here in the Tahoe area of CA, USA


You are probably right about the body position, but I think it’s even more so for Telemarking. The core strength for a dynamic telemark turn is a lot like what you use as you turn a unicycle, and even more pronounced as you swoop a big wheel (my biggest right now is a 29er).

Body position aside, I think the muscle groups in the legs are very different. My legs feel much different after skiing than they do after unicycling.

Oddly enough, I got into unicycling as cross-training for whitewater canoe racing. Canoe is about balance and power, and unicycling was recommended as good for balance and separation of upper and lower body. In the winter, I XC classic quite a bit, also as cross-training. But I have to agree, the biggest place I notice unicycling benefits is teleskiing. We’re quite close- I’m in Truckee…edg