Unicyclists wanted for next July 4th parade - Sheridan, Indiana

I just realized my home town will be celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary next year. Therefore I’m entertaining the idea of riding one of my uni’s in the parade. The problem is, I don’t know of any other uni riders in my area. It would be much more fun if I had at least one other fellow rider to participate. I realize it’s way early, but I’d also simply like to meet some other riders that live nearby.

FYI, I’m currently a level 1 but should easily be a solid level 3 by July 4th 2010. I’m making progress with idling and hope to be competent with that and riding backwards by July 4th as well.

By the way, Sheridan is 30 minutes north of I-465.


Dang! i wish i got into unis earlier i would of totally been down …lemme know if u ever wanna ride!

uni newb,

Where do you live? I’m always game for getting together for some unicycling.

Regarding the parade, it was a blast and will now be a tradition! Here’s a pic of me cheesing for the camera:


i live in fort wayne indiana, definatley let em know on more events and stuff…i just got into unicycling so i woodnt b able to ride a girrafe yet lol

uni newb: There are three of us who muni at Franke Park (in Ft Wayne) fairly often, if you want to ride. I just started riding in April…