Unicyclists' Twitter-handles?

Just another way to stay in touch.

I’m @TheDaveWalters.

Hope to catch you soon.

Well, “that” went down like a #LeadBalloon.


@LargeEddie of course but there hasn’t been much there about unicycling so far. Nor much about anything really. I mainly use it to read about what more interesting people are up to.


If I’m drinking, I aint riding.

This thread got a slow start, but may take off.

The wildcard is IF unicyclists as a group use twitter.

My guess is YES, based on my casual observation of the demographics of uni riders… educated and fairly affluent.


Not a lot of uni-related stuff that I post, but you can follow me. A friend in Colorado is:




Without the @ :slight_smile:

@DrOrthogonal …because I’m always right :roll_eyes:
Mostly Ham Radio related nonsense with a bit of Border Morris thrown in for good measure…I have eclectic tastes.