Unicyclists on Mastodon (Twitter’s fast-growing contender)

You are welcome on social.vivaldi.net, run by my employer

I would prefer something noncommercial, but also not something run on a single computer in somebody’s closet.

Fair enough. There is no cost or anything but if you want another recommendation there is masto.ai. This is run by Stux who is well known in the fediverse.

Or if you can handle the requirements… there is always oulipo.social :laughing:

A spot for chatting with a lipogrammatic constraint. 25 out of 26 symbols in latin script comply.

Bascially you cannot write the letter “e”. All other letters are allowed but you are prevented from writing this or similar looking characters from unicode. If you are able to find a way to post an “e” or something like it, you will be banned. Other than that it is a fully functionally account.

Once you understand the server my latest posting there (I have multiple accounts) makes a lot more sense

Or… here is the bio I wrote to describe myself on this instance. And, yes that took me a while :laughing:

I savour minimalism: non-Android/iOS auditory & computing apparatus, old school digital wrist clocks, simplistic Linux distros such as Slack, succinct “information highway” protocols and micro mobility solutions run via food.

I work for Vivaldi as a QA. Although not a basic browsing application, I am fond of it anyway, thanks to its pliability in accommodating individual workflows.

P.S. I strongly hold that if you find a utility and want it to flourish, you should support it financially.

From: https://oulipo.social/@ruario

Yes it is sort of a joke but I find the limitation interesting and a fun exercise. Remind you of anything? :thinking:

P.S. I do know at least one user who uses this as their only account on mastodon.


yep: the “disappearance” … but writing without a “e” is harder in French (Oups: I meant “Français” )

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I will trust you on that, but it is not exactly easy in English either.

Ok, I am @onewheelbetter@universeodon.com.

Next step is to let the account sit dormant for several years.

PS: Forums are better :stuck_out_tongue:


Me trying to hold a converstion with others on Mastodon on the joys of snow unicycling when I cannot write the letter “e” since I am using my oulipo account. The others replying (besides the initial poster laura) are not limited in the same way. Indeed I suspect most do not realise I have such limitations. :laughing:

[Right click, open in new tab and zoom or see the original thread https://oulipo.social/@laurap909/109396564578968258]

I even wrote alt text for all my images with these contraints

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It reminds me of something funny.

A long time ago, I discussed for a few years with a friend I met online.

They pretended implicitly to be female but another common friend and I had serious doubts about that.

We didn’t care much of course, but because of this, during all these years when I discussed with them almost daily, I always talked to them using sentences without any gendered adjectives/verbs/etc. I just found it would be funny to do that, and I did so.

In French, there is no available pronoun used as neutral gender, and a lot of words are written differently regarding the interlocuter’s gender.
For example, “You went” would be written “Tu es allé” if you’re talking to a male, and “Tu es allée” if you’re talking to a woman (the general rule is to add an “e” at the end of some words when talking to or about a female).

So, the constraint of making sentences always neutral was a bit of a challenge I had fun with, and I’m quite sure they never noticed. I didn’t tell them either, obviously.