Unicyclists on 30 seconds to fame

I was watching 30 seconds to fame on Fox when a group of 3 unicyclists came on.
It looked like they were riding 26" unis and they were doing some basketball
stuff. They ended their performance with a jump from a uni and a slam-dunk. Did
anybody else see this? Does anybody know who it is?


They were from the King Charles Troupe:


I saw a different 30 seconds to fame where a two guys were on tall giraffes. It was really odd, they were going in circles and this girls was tied by a rope in the middle of the cirlce spinning. Doenst make much sense but thats what i saw.

I saw an episode where a guy on a giraffe was one-foot idling and kicked some bowls with his foot that landed on his head. Sure hope they continue with these unicycle acts.

The guys on 30 secs to fame were lame. I am glad they got into mainstream but all they were doing was simple formations and he hopped alittle to make that dunk.:o to me it was boring.


And here is an interesting perspective from their website:

“Unicyclists are a dime a dozen. What makes you a King Charles Rider is what you do when you get off that unicycle.”

  • Jerry King, 1908-1996, Founder, The king Charles Troupe

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I saw it last night. Yeah, I thought they weren’t too great. Better than me but I know there’s lots of people who play uni-basketball. They just rode in circles and passed the ball around. But, hey, it was unicycles on tv!


Re: Unicyclists on 30 seconds to fame

Somebody should get a really impressive freestyle routine together and phone
“30 seconds” up!


Im pretty sure if Dan Heaton wanted to he could get top 3 easily. I think thats the diffrence between dan and alot of other really good freestylers, although their stuff may be very technical, I think his would be the most impressive to a non unicyclist.

King Charles Unicycle Troupe

You can now see the King Charles Unicycle Troupe performing with the 143rd Edition of the Greatest Show on Earth - Built to Amaze! coming to a city near you 2013 - 2014.


The King Charles Troupe was first featured in 1969 by Ringling Bros. producer Irvin Feld , grandfather of producers Nicole Feld and Alana Feld . Now a new generation of producer and performer has come together again. Twelve basketball players present a continuous, whirling display of one-wheeled excitement while perilously perched on unicycles, some teetering more than ten feet in the air! Audiences will be astounded at the troupe’s agility and balance as each team dribbles, passes, shoots and weaves their way with outrageous skill and high-speed comedic antics in the wackiest game of b-ball ever played.
PR Newswire.

Wow, that was some great “circus puffery” in the classic sense! I miss that kind of stuff. Great to see the King Charles group still entertaining audiences after all these years!