Unicyclists not welcome at Australian 24hr Champs

Just got a disappointing email from the organisers of “The Mont” 24hr race in Canberra:

Dear Li (*my Aunt*),

I have asked the Race Director for the 2005 Mont 24hr Australian
Mountain Bike Championship race if
unicycles are allowed in the race. The Director has stated that only
mountain bikes are allowed in
the race, and not unicycles nor tandem cycles.

I wish you and your friend all the best in your endeavours with

Best regards,

President, CORC

That is the first mountainbike event I'm aware of to turn away unicyclists.  I was looking forward to doing this solo.  Oh well :(

That’s just evil.

Wasn’t there some contest where the unicyclist attatched some really small wheel on the frame under the handles, and so they were allowed to compete in some bike-only race.

I like it! GizmoDuck, check their definition of “mountain bike” and customise your uni appropriately :wink:

Don’t forget to get pics of it and you competing!

I reckon its better not to ask for permission in cases like this. If you ask you’re way more likely to be denied than if you just enter as normal and show up on a unicycle.

I wonder if there’s any good reason for not allowing unicycles and tandems to compete or if its just out of ignorance…

That’s terrible, and very surprising. I know for a fact there have been unicyclists in the Mont in the past. I’d suggest you stick at it and make sure they know that you’re no run of the mill unicyclist. Maybe mention speeds you can average in a race like this, and that unicyclists have successfully competed in a whole stack of similar races and not gotten in anybody’s way. Good luck.


I was given the cold shoulder when I tried to enter a local mountain bike race series on a mUni however I understand some of the concern being a mountain biker as well. If the race you are wanting to enter is on tight single track with multiple laps then I can see where uni’s have no place. You are talking about putting something that moves at a much slower speed on singletrack where cyclists will not want to be impeded.

I think the Mont 24hr is done on a fairy large circuit, so passing wouldn’t take place as often as in some races. Really though, Ken’s not going to be passed all that much is he! :slight_smile:


that’s pretty gay alright…the kona colville connection are really amped to have me competing on my coker…i guess some people are cool, and some people aren’t huh?

Yea, the same thing happened to me on a duathlon I wanted to enter…They said it was against the rules of their Triathlon organisation…until I checked the rules and novelty bikes were allowed as long as there was no advantage gained. After a couple of mails they replied with something lame like they didnt have the adequate number of medical personnel to handle a dangerous situation…How vague is that? I guess it wasn’t worth my time after that…

You could always compete on two-wheels…but in my case,it just aint fun without a uni…

That’s great Joe- I’m doing the Rainbow Rage and Karapoti- between the us we’ve covered most of the epic NZ MTB races this year! Did anyone do the Intrigue? Kolville will be awesome- like a North Island version of the Rage from what I’ve been told.

Anyway, I was pretty disappointed about The Mont, but there was no option but to ask, especially since I would have otherwise bought airfares to Australia- didn’t want to get turned away in Canberra. I did email them to see what they’re reasoning is on this- but so far they have not replied. I had no intention of coming last, and have yet to come last in a MTB race, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t be allowed to enter.

There are a couple of other Australian Enduro races I’m keen on. The Mont is the biggest and best (well, maybe not- seeing as they don’t allow unicyclists). But I might check out the N-ZO series in Melbourne and Sydney as they are sponsored by a local company that support unicyclists (:stuck_out_tongue: I’m riding N-ZO Dobies in their latest clothing catalogue). Any Aussies keen to join me?


p/s regarding modifying my unicycle- I turned up a roadbike race on my roadbike over the weekend and turned a few heads- they’re not used to seeing me with a training wheel :wink:

Yeah, it’s going to be one bastard of a race, i can tell you. its bad enough on a bike, but on a coker…well…have a look at the course profile


I noticed something when visiting the North Island last week. 1000 km’s will get you pretty much all over half of your country, and yet to drive to Melbourne from Brisbane it’s about 1600! Consider yourselves lucky, New Zealand is a great place to live. :slight_smile: There aren’t any big races coming up in Queensland or northern NSW?


Hey Andrew,

Yeah, it’s cheaper to fly from NZ to Melbourne or Sydney than it is to fly from one end of the country to the other.

Sorry I missed you in NZ. Hope you had a good time and the Auckland boys took you on some cool rides. (You’ll have to head to Wellington next year though- the riding is way better :wink: )