Unicyclists in York, PA. Where are you?

My name is Brad, out of York PA. My friend Josh got me hooked on uni watching videos online, and I just had to get one. I bought a 20" Torker LX, and rode everyday for hours until I had it down. By the time I learned to ride decent, Josh bought a uni too, and we continue to ride and push ourselves further. But being the only two unicyclists we have ever seen in York, it can get kind of boring. There are no clubs near here, only some in Harrisburg, almost an hour away. We are looking for people from around the York area who ride in the parades, or just for fun. I want to meet othere unicyclists and perhaps enhance my style of riding along the way. If anyone is from the York area, please respond, or drop me an email.

i live near phily pa along with the rest of unicycle pa we should get togather mabey swat would come