unicyclists in tucson AZ?

awhile ago i asked this question but it got me nowhere. now i am living here permanently and i ask again, any unicyclists in tucson?

there is a club in tempe but that’s too far from here. i talked to them, and their efforts were appreciated, but apparently they didn’t know anyone around here, and they don’t come down here either.

I know there’s a club called Arizuni, but I don’t know where it is. You could E-mail them, the website is arizuni.com.

well I’m not from tucson, I’m from Flagstaff, but I live in Maine now, so that does you no good whatsoever.

I know flagstaff is quite a ways north from tucson, but a buddy of mine that i went to elementary school with now makes custom unicycles. “Normal Unicycles” i believe they’re called. I hear they’re tanks.

thanks for the feedback, but arizuni is that club i was talking about in tempe which is right next to pheonix, about two hours away. also, if i’m not regularly going to tempe, there’s no chance i’m going to flagstaff, hehe. but thanks.

Hi zach_jucha,
Start your own club. If you create it they will come!

I lived in Tucson for 14 years and though I was not a unicyclist while there I know that the community must have a ton of closet unicyclists. Give them a place to validate themselves and legitimize their interests and they’ll show up. Just start riding regularly at the mall of the university or in front of the UC or near University Ave and 4th Ave.

There are a lot of resources via this forum for starting your own group. Easy, huh?

cool i was thinking about it. i was part of a juggling club that gathered at the u of a for awhile but most of the members left, one who unicycled somewhat and i used to bring my unicycle too. how would you suggest starting a club?

I’ve got tons of advice from what I’ve learned. Our club is about one and a half years old and has about than 40 “members” and a very exciting e-network that grows every week.

At the most recent NAUCC there was a casual workshop on “How to Start a Club” that allowed several of us to share “best practices.” This was very helpful and illustrated that each club is unique and has different goals. If the goal is to find unicycling buddies, youth development, forming a performance troupe , etc. the way the club is organized and run will be a little different. Here in Memphis we in the club every style of riding but the special twist that we put on the club’s existence is youth development and allowing/encouraging kids a place at the table.

All it really takes is a core of about 2 or three riders and a little planning, PR, consistency in riding rendezvous and all of those closet unicyclists will come running to your door/park/gym.

Here are some random thoughts / ideas:

  1. Meet at the same public, visible place at the same time on a regular basis.
  2. Print out your contact information. Several of us had business cards printed.
  3. At the beginning, be vague about the numbers in your group. “We” can mean 2 or 200.
  4. When folks ask about unicycling, abandon your own desire to ride to, instead, talk and inform, encourage.
  5. Create a logo and a web site.
  6. Create flyers to put in libraries, bike shops, sporting goods shops, etc.
  7. Contact the newspaper with your meeting/riding time and place. Often there is a section devoted to “Things To Do.”
  8. Have identifiable t-shirts so that people who are too shy to ask will know that you are part of an organization. This makes you so much more approachable
  9. Seek the press for that photo-op and/or make yourself available by riding in public…
  10. Contact local organizations that are putting on parades and ask to participate.
  11. Allow folks to try-it. Buy at least one “loaner.” It will be the best $80 investment your club will make.
  12. Know where to get uni related stuff to direct folks.
  13. In addition to your “normal” riding times/places, get a group together in a public gathering place - like parks, open shopping areas.
  14. Honor private property, ignorance and people’s bigotry about things that are different - don’t tick people off who see this as dangerous or some sort of hooliganism. You’ve got to be on-guard about your image if you are trying to establish yourself. Get and keep kids AND adults involved. Nothing will disarm an abusive adult faster than the presence of another “responsible” adult.
  15. Smile a lot and celebrate the joy of unicycling and sharing a passion for something that is zany. Show people it is still OK to express joy.
  16. Familiarize yourself (and discuss with other club members) about how to talk to people about the advantages of unicycling - for kids and adults. The two are packaged differently.
  17. Scan local press for mention of unicyclists and unicycling. There are others there in your community that are unaware that a club is starting. Be a detective to ferret-out those closet unicyclists.
  18. Network nationally and internationally. I received (and continue to receive) great advice from others in our extended unicycling community that have established club experience. Do a net search of unicycle clubs and see what they have done.
  19. Follow links from various web sites to track down those who can help you. I will share all that I have concerning documents, flyers, rental forms, parent release forms, liability forms, etc., etc. Some of these I created myself and some were shared with me.
  20. Encourage the use of and/or provide safety gear.
  21. Rent unicycles (never lost one and never had one damaged and we now have 10 - including a 5’giraffe).
    22.Repeat number 15.

Check out the Memphis Unicycle Club’s web site to see what we’ve been able to do in Memphis. Geez, if we can do it here behind the Magnolia Curtain you can certainly do it where you live!

thanks for the tips! i just did a websearch and found some unicyclists here. i don’t think any of the pages were in the least current but i emailed all of the unicyclists i found and i’ll see what comes of it.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but why not check out the unicycling.org roster list? I bet there’s a few you’ll find there.

Also, I think a good way to start a club is first teach one or two friends to ride before starting a club. Then more people will want to learn, and before you know it, you’ll have a whole wobble of unicyclists to form a club!

The Unicycling.org is a good start but I found that was only useful in meeting people that we further afield, in other cites around Memphis. Through that site I found several folks that have become very close friends of mine - Louis and Christopher of Jackson, Mississippi. These guys, and we MUCsters, now often create a uni-happening by visitng each other though we are 3 hours seperated. The Unicycling.Org is a good resource.

i just did a websearch which included the unicycling.org roster. overall i got five names and email addresses, two of which emailed me saying they weren’t unicyclists, one which emailed me saying they were interested in a club, and the other two i have yet to hear from. after i hear from the other people i’m going to plan a meet. thanks for your help guys!