Unicyclists in Sweden

I posted a little while ago about my plans to travel around with my unicycle:

I’ve since decided that one of my destinations will be Sweden. Can anyone give me advice about how to get in touch with Swedish unicyclists? If you live in Sweden, and would be willing to talk with me about traveling there, I’d be grateful if you emailed me at: ben (at) benps (dot) com.

I won’t actually be traveling to Sweden until next summer, so right now all I’m looking for is a contact that I can put on my grant application, which is due on Monday, incidentally. So this is a bit of a last minute request.



Hey Ben,

You can find the Swedish unicycle forum here: http://enhjulingsfolket.se/viewforum.php?id=2
I suggest that you set up an account and post a thread there.

Awesome that you picked Sweden.

Thanks for the info. I stumbled on to that forum earlier, but I couldn’t tell if it was unicycle specific.

I like your under-name-text, I never knew that the skill levels extended in to the complex plane…

Also talk to Peter at Unicycle.com Sweden…

You’ve got mail.

So do you swing by Denmark before or after your visit to Sweden?
It’s just a short swim across øresund, and you are here.