unicyclists in spain

hey uni’ists,

im not going to unicon but i am in yangsaw? yansa? its a couple hours from barcelona and i was wondering if anyone wsas interested in doing some filming? im in the process of making “evolution” my uni dvd, and i need some more talent.

if anyone is interested im here for a month… let me know and we can hook up for a film sesh.


p.s. im looking into getting my uni from koxx one, but i cant get ahold of them…

Koxx one uni

If you want a Koxx one uni get a hold of Roland at Municycle.com.
He has got what u want or need.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

well im sponsored by K1 so i dont know if hell just give me a street monster…

so there isnt any unicyclists in spain that want to ride or film?



I spent last year in Spain (Barcelona). You will sure find some trialists there, i knew three of them.

The better for you is to ask on www.monociclos.com to find them. If i can find my former cell phone i’ll mp you their numbers but it won’t be soon.


thank u.

any one else?

Justin, Do you want anymore footii?