unicyclists in southern Ontario Canada

yeah i need a uni buddy…dont care what stlye they ride just someone to ride with. i live in Hamilton ontario. so surrounding area ia the best…and ive already checked the unicyclist directory…not many on there that ride actively!


if you buy me a house near you ill be your buddy :smiley:

P.s. and a plane ticket

yeah fly ill get right on that one:) lol

i used to live in london ontario but didn’t start unicycling until i moved out west to calgary…sorry (i was in the same situation until my brother learned) so i guess you should just teach one or your friends


spasmo you ride with the calgary unipsychos? you might wanna come down to edmonton once to come for a nice street ride with me :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t actually been out this the guys yet work has always been in the way, and now with snow coming (ya skiing!) it will have to be next yearbut if i’m ever in edmonton sure thing

snow shouldnt stop your uni-ing it should make it funner… and harder methinks…


sorry i live in eastern ontario, so if you are ever in ottawa i will be happy to ride with you.

where is this unicycle directory anyways??

Re: unicyclists in southern Ontario Canada

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005 22:03:38 -0500, ntappin wrote:

>where is this unicycle directory anyways??

You mean <http://www.unicycling.org/roster/>?

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yea, i love in toronto

well i’m a lonely hamilton rider… or was until i got my one buddy into it only cost me my old uni but well worth it i been picking up on more things since he started riding cause well didnt want him to be better then me lol…but we’re always looking for ppl to ride with

Yeah, I’ve had a few PM’s with Trials_Uni, and posted in a few of his threads about riding partners.

Can’t wait for my DX, and for Rob to learn how to ride.

ya we need to get more ppl riding so i can learn more and be better then just u lol

I live in Guelph and I’m a member of the Toronto Unicyclists. I go to the meetings almost every week. It’s lots of fun and definately worth the drive. You should come to a meeting sometime, we meet every thursday in a school gym but it’s cancelled a lot in the next month because the school needs it. You should check out the website and talk to Darren Bedford to find out when it’s not cancelled.

borg and dump…As soon as this snow clears we should hit up a ride some where… Im a fat kid and im not vey good but i still like to ride.:D…My email is one_wheeler@hotmail.com

Don’t worry, we suck too.

I should get my Torker DX tomorrow, although Dumpweed doesn’t want me to…

Why not ride in the snow? I did to school today, had more trouble walking than riding the unicycle.

Yeah, I’m in Guelph too, but live in Ottawa for the 4 mths of summer vacation. There are a few keen riders here…mostly just at the university…but it would be nice to have more people for rides.

Ok so we can ride in the snow…Hit me a email and we’ll work soemthign out.

I live in Stratford Ontario (an hour from guelph & 2 hours from Toronto). If anyone ever comes to stratford give me a message and i’ll ride with you no matter what season it is! A while back I rode with a guy from guelph who came to stratford…but thats all i know about him, I don’t suppose any of you guelph dudes have rode with a guy in stratford hve ya?

i quit unicycling i blow at it i cant do nothing u might as well give we 2 wheels again… anywho we still on for tonights ride at gage park or where ever lol