Unicyclists in Provo, Utah?

Are there any unicyclists in or around Provo, Utah?
If so, what skill level? Where do you like to ride?

I live in Draper, Ut, and so does my best friend. We’re only 14, but I’m really close to/about level 4 and he’s almost 3 (??). I’ve been riding for not quite a year, and he got his uni for christmas.
I usually just ride in my big driveway and on the street but my school lets us ride in the cafeteria. (great place for uni’ling) I don’t know if we could ride ever since I can’t drive but I’ve got a couple of brothers going to BYU who might be able to drive us down. Bye the way, i’m the only uni’list in my family (except my brother on an LDS mission)

           -- Jonny D

Uni’s in Mapleton

I have got a few friends that uni down here in the mapleton/springville area. there are four of us.
I am near to lev.4
there is a near to lev 4,
a 3 or so
and a 2 or so
the two fours are out all the time riding to school, to friends and anywhere.
the 3 is riding all over also
the 2 hangs with the 3 so he follows him everywhere.
we are all 14 or 15