Unicyclists in Portland, OR

winters are pretty good… not a lot of snow happens here in portland haha

Sounds good. Ill check what a plane ticket would cost. =p

cool. there’s still room at my place to stay haha, just you’ll probably not get to ride much with me having school and all. Good opportunity to meet the b-tards.

I wanna take a train down to ride with you again soon.
I could come on a weekend to ride and stuff.
I have to visit my boyfriend first though. :stuck_out_tongue:

When are you coming to Seattle. Perhaps we could organize a muni or coker ride to coincide. Seattle always seems to play second fiddle to Portland on things, but the Seattle Area Riders can attempt to step up their “bastardness” for the occassion. Mostly though we’re just silly and inconsiderate of people’s time. When it doubt, waste it we sometimes say.

Does the Seattle Area Riders have a email list, I’m in Puyallup and would like to hook up on some rides.


I was supposed to be there this weekend, but not anymore, so next weekend may happen.

For sure ill be there from the 25th to the 28th, but that will be to help my sister move some of her furniture into her new house, so im not sure how much uni time ill get.

Ummm… oookay…

<backing away slowly…>
On the positive side, there is obviously a lively uni crowd in Portland - I can be grateful for that. To be honest, I’m one of the worst perv potty mouths in the Austin group - though I’ve had to cut back on the swearing since it started bleeding out into everyday life. I have a lot of respect for nearly any rider - it’s tough to hate your own when coming from such a limited riding community. So… I umm will be visiting Portland this week for the interview and have Thursday (Oct 16) free. I won’t have a wheel with me but just thought if one fell from the sky, it might be worth riding to check out the scene and perhaps tour the town a tad. No matter either way; hope to catch up some time if I make it up there permanently. Until then, thanks to all your for the advice and homey entertainment.

If you get a uni (madison offered his for the visit) then id also try to get a ticket for the MAX train.

My first Visit to Portland, I got a MAX train ticket, and was able to take that all through portland and the outside citys and was really able to see a lot of the town and find a lot of good riding places. Also ran into some crazy and not-so-crazy locals. All of them were very ncie though.

PGE park I remember was being a good uni spot for street and trials. Stairsets, ledges, benches, rails and people. =p