Unicyclists in Phoenix?

I’m moving from the Bay Area to Phoenix in July and want to know if anyone on the forum lives there - or knows someone who is there. Please let me know - THANKS

Chris LaBonte

i have a wow friend called phoenix, she helps me pwn noobs.

Phoenix? In July?! :astonished:


I’m in Tucson, so sorta close.

I seriously doubt you will want to go riding this summer though, except at maybe 4 in the morning, when it might be as low as 95 degrees out, no joke.

I checked, there are no unicyclists in Phoenix, you may as well stay in CA.

There’s supposedly a club in Phoenix http://www.arizuni.com/index.html

I don’t think they’ve updated their website in at least a couple of years and I’m not aware of any of them being active on this forum. I’m in Flagstaff a couple of hours north and I know that there are probably a dozen or so fairly active Muni riders here. Hmmm. Phoenix in July. ARE YOU CRAZY??? Ahhh, it’s not so bad. Most folks just hole up like a lizard under a rock from about 7:00 am to 8:00 pm in their air conditioned homes or offices. Then they come out to play. Phoenix is huge. The whole metro area is over 3 million people now. With that population there’s bound to be some riders there. Good luck.