Unicyclists in NYC?


I was wondering if there were any professional unicyclists in the NYC area and what the salary ranges are. :slight_smile:

Can you let me know?

SDoty, I am not a professional unicyclist, but I will try to begin the discussion here.

There are very few professional unicyclists anywhere. Those who are professionals are predominantly in the performing and circus arts and combine unicycling with other activites like juggling, clowning, and acrobatics. Some work in actual circuses and many are street performers.

There are unicyclists of the extreme sort, off road riders, trials, etc who have attracted some sponsorship, but I don’t believe they make a pure living from unicycling activities. Kris Holm is one of the few people who make a living from unicycling alone and he has done so by building a brand through skills that he has carefully and deliberately honed, attracting sponsors, traveling and creating a name, and then developing his own line of unicycles and accessories.

I invite others to correct and elaborate on what I’ve said. I have no idea what any of these people make but I do know that outside of the circus and street performance world very few people actually make a living unicycling.

Salary – for professional unicyclists? That would be good. Call it “independent contractor” at best. Or starving artist. Or wait-person. :slight_smile:

Even Kris Holm does not support himself entirely from unicycling, he is also a (professional) Geologist. That said, what Kris does in the “unicycling business” is pretty different from being an entertainer/performer.

I used to be one of those, based out of Nassau County (Long Island). But most of my work was as an Artist-Instructor for the National Circus Project. School/camp programs, which involved unicycle performing and sometimes unicycle teaching. But it was mostly teaching. Still no salary. On the weekends and on special occasions, I was booked into some really interesting venues and shows. I got to travel to Hong Kong, Bali and other places to perform, which was great!

Unfortunately I moved away in 1994 and have mostly lost touch with the performers I knew in those days. Are you looking for work?