Unicyclists in Nova Scotia...

I’m going to be heading up to school in Nova Scotia (wolfville @ Acadia University) in a couple of weeks…
does anyone live near here?
am i going to be riding all alone?


I think Kristine lives there!

Hello from the east coast! I live in NS thought I am leaving for 6 months. I’m in Antigonish, probably like 4-5 hours from you and Kristine is in Halifax maybe 1 - 3 hours from you I’m not totally sure I think closer to 1ish. My town is home too St. F. X. University and university sports/rivalries are pretty big here, so we are kinda enemies haha. When I’m back maybe I will contact you for a ride.



i’ll be up there through april i think

Im in Halifax right now, probably like 2hours away maybe. As a guess, but but but, Im moving back in with the parents for a few months, which is 45 minutes from wolfville.

So for a few months we’ll be decently close. We should go riding sometime.