Unicyclists in Northern Virginia?

Hi Dudes!

I sit here in Chantilly, Northern Virginia. And I wonder, if anybody who reads this forum lives near me. Unfortunately I don’t have a car (as I’ll leave this country in 3 Months, I come from Austria), but if somebody wants to go for a Muni-Ride somewhere near (I’ve been to Shenandoah, that was awesome), or a Trial-Session - let me know - I’d like to be with you.


I am in DC. There are three riders in Richmond, VA.

And that’s it?

Do you ride street?
I could come to DC at a weekend someday, and we could go riding!




I am a very very early beginner unicyclist. I am not even sure I can call myself unicyclist yet.

But I am in Northern Virginia. Ashburn to be precise. Und wir koennten sogar Deutsch sprechen :smiley:

Rince :slight_smile:

I’m one of the 3 Richmonder’s muniracer was talking about. I go to VCU here, but I’m from Manassas and will be coming up at times over the winter break. The other two don’t post here much. There are, of course, many more unicyclists in Virginia, it’s just that the vast majority don’t know about, or choose not to post on, these fora. Other VA uni’ists that do post here include pdc, who lives in Mt. Solon and has some amazing trails in his backyard, siafirede, who’s from Fairfax but goes to V Tech, Skippii, who goes to JMU, Cyberbellum, who lives in Arlington and has a really awesome Coker, nbrazzi, who lives in Fairfax and did the DVD authoring on Universe II.

I think that’s pretty much everyone (who frequent these fora). The one’s I’ve met (all but Skippii) are very friendly and great to ride with. If your free on Jan 2nd, you should think about coming to the
Richmond Muni Weekend. Otherwise, I’ll drop you a PM next time I’m in NoVA. It’s always great to meet new unicyclists.


Rincewind8, I pm’ed you, If you can’t speak that much of german, pm me back, and we’ll talk in English :slight_smile:

Hell-On-Wheel, thanks for all your detail. You’re right, there might be much more unicyclists out there, who just don’t like computers.

I’ve tried to contact nbrazzi several times, but he didn’t respond until today. Perhaps he reads this text; Fairfax wouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes from Chantilly, and I am at least not a beginner on a Unicycle.

I wheel-walk, do gliding, ride stairs and do (did) a lot of muni. I started doing trials last week, since I got a new 20" Muni.

Please let me know, when you come to NVA, any company here is highly appreciated.

You really got me thinking about the richmond-weekend, that sounds great.

I’ll have to double-check that with my agenda, but it’s definitely possible that I might appear there.

Thanks for all your information;


i would definitely be up for riding if you are willing to come up. i mainly ride trials, but im sure we can have fun regardless of the type of riding we do. i will be in richmond from dec 22-jan 10, but any other time i am in dc.

Im from chantilly too, i will be there next week. Where in chantilly are you from? drop me an email at jamon@vt.edu or talk to me on AOL instant messenger: Jamon817

That is weird that there is another unicylist in my town that I dont know.

Unicyclist in manassas

Don’t think ill get a whole lot of feedback from this since the last post was in 04 and its the beginning of 06 but heres a shot. Ive been doing mostly distance unicycling on a 28" wheel but id like to get more into tricks that dont take 4 and a half hours to impress myself =P Anyone in the area gimme a post or message me on AIM at LeapAndLookLater im on most of the time or atleast my computer is



Im glad there is another unicyclist in the area. I will try to contact you via AIM sometime. I have a 29" wheel and my KH 20" trials uni, and soon to have a coker. I am leaving for school next saturday, but if you want to try to meet up before that I would be up for it.


Awesome! I’m in Richmond now but will probably come up sometime this next week. Maybe the three of us could do a little distance riding, say Mt. Vernon trail? What school do you go to (if you’re still in highschool)? I’m actually from Dumfries (Montclair neighborhood) but more people seem to know Manassas (Bobbit and the snipper put us on the map).

What’s up with all the crazy-haired Virginians?


I need some crazy hair

I have a can of my friend’s blue hair dye here somewhere…

So do I:(

Attention: New VA Riders

For those that don’t know, check out the new Virginia thread: [THREAD]63352[/THREAD]


I didn’t realize how many people rode in the VA area. I live in Arlington during the summer, and go to school in Portland, OR. I’ll be back in Arlington starting around late May, and I’d love to meet y’all. I have only been riding off and on since last summer on my KH 24. I am very interested in purchasing a 36er, and will probably wait until the KH version comes out. Also, does anyone have a Guni? I would love to check one of those out.


There seem to be more riders growing in the area for sure. With your KH24 you will fit in well on some of the trails in Northern VA at Fountainhead, Wakefield, and Difficult Run.

I have both a 36er and a 29" Guni (the new kh/schlumpf hub).

As far as getting a 36er goes…there is no need to wait for the KH version. The only thing KH will be releasing is a 36" frame, which will be nice because it will fit an ISIS hub, but getting one of the new Nimbus Nightriders is going just as good.

I will be training a lot for Ride The Lobster near Arlington come late may/june on the W&OD/Custis trails that go by that area.

I definitely want to check out that 29" Guni…that sounds pretty fast. I am considering getting the new kh/schlumpf hub, but the price tag puts me off a little. I might be able to get the hub, as well as the new frame for a discount though, in which case I’ll definitely get them. For whatever reason, REI employees can get discounts on KH Unicycles. REI doesn’t sell them, but probably has some sort of sponsorship with KH. If I can use the discount to drop the price by about half, I’ll try to make a guni 36er. Also, before anyone asks, no this discount doesn’t apply to other people–that breach of ethics would get me fired.
Anyway I have a question: what is the major difference between the coker big one and the V2? What accounts for the price difference? I noticed the frame looked different, but I don’t see how it changes things.

A unicyclist in the area I met recently used to work at REI and was able to purchase a KH 29er at quite a discount while he was working there. I do not think that your discount will apply to the new KH/Schlumpf hub though as it does not appear to be a typical KH product. Even if you cannot get a nice guni for a discount, you can get a KH29er for about $330 I believe.

As far as the big one and the V2 are concerned…

The V2 has a much heavier frame. It also looks like it is wider and may interfere with your knees while riding. I personally do not find much use in the frame, but it sure does look awesome. If I were to get a coker product, I would get the new Big One because the frame is much lighter.

If I were to get a new 36er though…I would get a Nimbus Nightrider over the new Coker. I have been asked by a few people actually which 36er they should get and what set up would be the best.

My advice to most is this:
The new Nimbus Nightrider with the machined rim and nimbus frame w/ brake mounts. KH Freeride saddle. 150mm cranks for learning on, but also ordering a set of 125mm cranks to switch down to once you get the hang of it.

A T7 handle is not necessary for starting off and brakes are not necessary until you start doing a lot of downhill riding for specific rides. For example: I am going to be trying to do all of Skyline Drive on my unicycle, and having brakes for those long, steep downhills will help me a lot. A brake will not do you much good for most rides though (depending on terrain of course).

I have been asked by a few people as well as to whether they should get a guni or a new 36er and the answer is a bit more difficult. I am still toying around with my new guni so I cannot say for sure which one I would recommend more. Cost definitely will play a role in one’s decision, as well as where and what they plan on using the guni for. For me, having a guni is going to save me a lot of hassle (hopefully) while traveling this summer. The ungeared 36er is by far the best bet though as far as cost is concerned.

Really? Which store did he work at? I worked at the one at Bailey’s Crossroads.
It’s a shame about the hub, but still there’s a slim chance I might be able to get a discount. Perhaps its better not to get my hopes up though. I’ve got a HS33 Magura brake on my KH24, which I could probably move to the 36er pretty easily, so that wouldn’t be an issue. Nevertheless, I’ll probably spend my first and possibly second paycheck on some sort of unicycling gear (last year I spent my first paycheck the moment I got it on my KH24).