Unicyclists in Northern Ireland?

Hi, are there any unicyclists in Northern Ireland? I live in Brazil at the moment but am coming home on annual leave and would like to learn some tricks. Basically I can just go straight on my 26", did 10 miles once, but I can’t hop kerbs, keep still at traffic lights etc. Any N.I. meet-ups where I could learn?(P.S. If anyone in Brasilia sees this, give me a shout too)

I run QUB Juggling Club (Belfast) .
We meet up every Tuesday.

There is also the circus school on i think a Wednesday but ill confirm this and back to you!

Is it the Belfast area you will be in?

Hi, I will be staying up in Ballymena and a night or two in Belfast. I will only be home 6 days and it’s going to be packed but if I can make it, just to cram in an hour or two of things I can take away to practise, that would be great. Will probably be heading down to Lough Erne for a couple of days which might complicate things more. Let me know when the club meets or if you were free if I could pay for an hour of tuition in the botanic park or somewhere.

Havent had internet lately.

We run tonight from 6-8pm if your about.
Unfortunately im recovering from surgery on my foot so i wouldn’t be able to meet any other time.

The club is totally free if your interested.
Its at Morton Community Centre on Lorne Street :slight_smile:

I’m back next week, if it also runs next Monday?