Unicyclists in Maine unite!!!

Hello everybody! i’m Freedom Rider and i’m current working on bringing Maine unicyclists together through my new website unicyclemaine.org
Hoping to get some organized rides and training sessions going but also open to advice for edits/additions to the site! :smiley:

Just Made this account

Currently My bad on that one… still learning this platform and im not sure how to edit mistakes on a posting yet.


Thanks for posting. I’m in Biddeford and have a very busy work and family life, but might be interested. I have a lot of limitations and my riding skills aren’t good, but I’d like to improve.

Contact info

Glad to hear from you! when you get the chance you can find my contact info on unicyclemaine.org I am currently working hard to get some people involved and have already found a few other interested riders, plus I am going to be training one!

2 days ago


First trek across Maine: https://www.pressherald.com/2019/06/17/rider-from-cape-elizabeth-becomes-first-unicyclist-to-complete-trek-across-maine/

Nice ! And for once, the mileage of this event seems within reach without a crazy training (by comparison the PMC event is 198 miles over 2 days).

Anyway, congratulations for riding this and hope your seating area was not a tuna melt by the end of the third day :smiley:

I noticed the unicyclemaine.org web site was down for several days :thinking:
But, I see now that it’s back up:)
I’m wondering, how much interest there has been? I know that several decades ago, there were about 6 or 8 riders in the Biddeford, Maine area. We (myself included) rode in the LaKermese festival parade back then. Fast forward a few decades, I haven’t seen anyone. I usually just ride 2 or 3 miles in the afternoon on the streets in my neighborhood, but would like to become proficient enough to try some “easy” off road trails - if I could find some.
So far, I’ve been focusing on basic riding and even avoiding freemounting unless its my 20". I usually find something to lean on to mount up and I’m okay once I start riding. At 60 years old I have to be super careful because I’ve come to realize that I’m now among the stuff that breaks easily:(
What type of weekend rides currently exist, and where (and when)? It would be nice to find other interested riders in the local area.

Hi Maine folks, just noticed this and wanted to bump / put in my two chicadees.

I’m up in Bangor, so probably out of range for most greater Portland rides, but if anyone else is up here (or Orono, Old Town, etc.) give a shout. I usually ride in Bangor City Forest and environs, xc-ish dirt roads or light muni on the easier trails. That area is popular with the MTB set, but I’ve never seen a uni there.

Just found this while looking around. This post is old, but I want to check what it’s looking like in Maine for riders these years later. I’m newer to uni, and from the midcoast area.