Unicyclists in London (UK)?

Hello! Just trying my luck finding other riders who want to meet up.

I took a 15+ year break from unicycles, now in my 40s I am back, this time on a 36 wheel.

It would be great to find a group of people to go for rides, share tips & tricks and who doesn’t look at you like you are losing your mind because you are utterly excited about the difference 12mm in cranks length make.


If you’re on Facebook, try this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ukunicyclechat

I know there are unicyclists in London but not sure how they all communicate!

The London unicycle hockey club still runs I think so that might be a good place to start to try and find 36er riders.

Thanks mate, I already tried the Facebook group and got 0 replies.
I thought maybe here it could be better

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STFU London organise group rides – STFU London From the website there isn’t one in London until December but @Eddbmxdude is on here so he might be able to give you some pointers to other folks…

Where are you riding in London?
I spent 4 months there last year, had a 36 and a 24. Was in Brick Lane and ended up using mainly the 24 as it’s such a crowded part of town.

Thanks man, I’ll drop them an email

I am east based, I try to follow the canals, but it gets crowded there too at times!
Also thinking to downsize to a 29, I love the 36 feel, but in a busy city environment it gets very tiring.

I got the feeling I met you last year in brick lane! Any chance you are a kitesurfer too? I met a guy with a van that looks like yours, and I think he had a 36 and 24!

I remember that on the day we arrived and we were unloading the green van at the bottom of Brick Lane, I had a chat with a guy pushing his bike (from Argentina IIRC) and with his girlfriend. So yep it could be that we did meet then!

Hahaha yeah we did then! I’m Italian and my partner Colombian. Where are you based now?

Oh funny! I’m glad you’re back on the one-wheel!
I was only in London for 4 months, work sent me there on a mission. Back in Paris now! If you visit, I’ll have a spare uni for you!

I also returned to the unicycle after 15 years and loved it.

Last May, a few of us did a ride round Burgess Park in Camberwell. We organised that through the UK Facebook group, so it can be done.

Let’s organise a ride for the Spring. I ride a 24", so don’t expect to go too far or fast.


Ah mate let’s meet up then! Burgess park is not too far for me.

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Nice! If any one else wants to come let us know! And I’ll try to get something arranged on the Facebook group too.