Unicyclists in Houston?

Are there any unicyclers in the Houston area? If so lease email me at



I know that your post is over 10 years old, but if you are still in houston and looking for folks to ride with, let me know. vincefalco03@aol.com



Hi Falcuni,

I go to Houston for work every now and then, and never realised there were any riders around. What kind of riding do you do? I mostly ride Muni and road these days, and can bring a uni along if I’m going to be there for a while.

Should be back in Houston sometime around June.



My parents live down there. There’s a nice trail along the Buffalo Bayou on the west side of Houston. The river has a boring paved trail on one side of the water and an interesting dirt trail on the other. I’ve ridden it a couple of times when I visit. It’s tough in some places – you don’t want to go for something too crazy and end up in the water with the alligators. It’s worth bringing your uni along and checking it out.


I ride road for the most part, but I would be interested in Muni. Keep in touch and bring your uni down with you. I’ve got a 36", 24", and a giraffe.


Dont know if you guys are still in the Houston area, but that’s were I grew up and will be back there from school shortly. Definitely down to ride anytime, I ride mostly Muni and long distance off of Buffalo Bayou Terry Hershey Trail.